LOTR Return to Moria - Can't Find Scales Bug

LOTR Return to Moria – Can’t Find Scales Bug

Return to Moria is the latest Lord of the Rings game, developed by the North Beach Games, and released in late October 2023. Here, you set out on your journey into the depths of the dwarf mountains, the secrets of Moria. Gather resources, mine, and then craft various high-level gear to help you in combat, reaching your destination to Moria.

The game is currently filled with bugs including missing items and recipes. Therefore, you will also face LOTR Return to Moria Can’t Find Scales Bug yourself. Here’s something that might help you.

LOTR Return to Moria – Can’t Find Scales Bug

How to Fix LOTR Return to Moria Can’t Find Scales Bug?

There is a soft lock in the game that basically stops you from getting the Scales. So, the only possible fix would be to start a second world for more scales and bring them back to the first one.

Or, you can also use the multiplayer trading system to exchange the scales with others. You can farm some Drakes to get Scales in LOTR Return to Moria. So, this is the possible solution to the problem.

Wait for a moment and the game devs will be back with a patch to fix the issue shortly.


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