How to Disable Startup Movies/Cutscenes/Cinematics in LOTR Return To Moria?

LOTR Return to Moria – Where to find Orc Town Location?

Return to Moria is the latest Lord of the Rings game, developed by the North Beach Games, and released in late October 2023. Here, you set out on your journey into the depths of the dwarf mountains, the secrets of Moria. Gather resources, mine, and then craft various high-level gear to help you in combat, reaching your destination to Moria.

The game has various hidden locations inside the mines of Moria that are quite hard to come by and one of them is the Orc Town itself. Here in this guide, we are going to share with you details on Where to Find Orc Town Location in LOTR Return to Moria.

LOTR Return to Moria – Can’t Find Orc Town Location

Where to Find Orc Town Location?

You can find the Orc Town in the Elven Quarter. There is a large room in the Elven Quarter, that has multiple floors. You will have to explore all those floors, going up and down. On one of these floors, you will get to the Orc Town in LOTR Return to Moria.

But wait, there is also another issue with the game sometimes it doesn’t recognize a location. To fix that, you will have to revisit the location again and again, or you can also try talking by using the prompts. Exploring the area will help you Find Orc Town effortlessly.


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