Lucifer Season 4 Finale Explained

LUCIFER Season 4 may have just hit Netflix as of late yet a few fans have just gorged the whole season in one sitting. Here’s our lowdown of the consummation and what occurred in the Lucifer season 4 finale.

Lucifer season 4 was released as of late on Netflix for fans to gorge every one of the 10 episodes/ Season four dropped an enormous bluff holder directly toward the finish of the finale with the entryway left open for Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis). Despite the fact that Lucifer thought he’d prevented the prediction from working out as expected, he understood he hadn’t and Hell would come to Earth should he remain. The season four finale titled Who’s da New King of Hell? saw things closing, in any case, there was space for another arrangement on Netflix.

How did Lucifer season 4 end?


The greatest minute came in the end scene with Lucifer coming back to hellfire and sit upon his position of authority and lord over everything.

Lucifer understood the genuine expressions of the prescience would bring about terrible now he had discovered his first love.

Lucifer Season 4 Devil Wings

He settled on the choice to leave after Chloe admitted her emotions to him, realizing more evil presences would come to Earth on the off chance that he remained.

The show has left things open-finished. From one perspective, the Lucifer season four could be viewed as a complete finale.

Then again, the entryway has been left open for another arrangement for the demon to return.

Chloe in Lucifer Season 4

Chloe Decker (Lauren German) at long last conceded she wasn’t anxious about Lucifer’s fallen angel face and was enamored with him.

She was essentially terrified he would disregard her and his life on Earth due to his insidious side.

The crime analyst was left grief-stricken when Lucifer kissed her farewell and came back to damnation.

There was the suggestion Chloe and the remainder of the group would keep on comprehending violations without him.


Eve (Inbar Lavi) caused mayhem by bringing the evil presence Dromos (Graham McTavish) to enter the assemblage of cleric Father Kinley in her last-discard endeavor to get Lucifer to come back to hellfire.

Unfortunately, her arrangement exploded backward with Dromos going AWOL and bringing matters into his very own hands.

He was fortunately vanquished and request reestablished, leaving Eve to truly investigate herself.

In spite of her bond with Mazikeen (Lesley-Ann Brandt), Eve reported she needed to leave and go on an adventure of self-disclosure instead of being characterized by a man whether it was Adam or Lucifer.


Evil spirit Dromos was brought to Earth by Eve and put into the assortment of Father Kinley.

Be that as it may, he would like to control him were dashed as he executed another person and called more evil presences.

Dromos then seized child Charlie from Amenadiel (D.B. Woodside) and Dr. Linda (Rachael Harris) as a goad to draw Lucifer back to hellfire.

The evil presence and his acolytes took steps to appoint Charlie as the new pioneer of heck, driving Lucifer to demonstrate his fallen angel face and expel them back to the black market.

In spite of the fact that Lucifer crushed Dromos, he understood Earth was not sheltered while despite everything he meandered on the human plane.


Amenadiel and Dr. Linda had just barely got their infant child Charlie home before the baby was grabbed by one of Dromos’ flunkies who were planning to bless the youngster as the new ruler of damnation.

Fortunately, Lucifer and his companions ceased it all in time and Amenadiel and Linda got Charlie back.

Amenadiel conceded he was considering taking Charlie to paradise to protect him yet chose that solitary he and Linda could guard him.

Should we be looking forward to Lucifer Season 5?


You can’t hold a fallen angel down. In the wake of being dropped by Fox and grabbed by Netflix, otherworldly show Lucifer was as of late recharged for a fifth and last season. “We are so incredibly thankful to Netflix for resurrecting our show last season, and now let us finish the story of Lucifer on our terms, “said show sprinters Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich. Also, there will be 16 episodes instead of 10 and the final season is said to be released in 2020. Can’t wait at all!

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