Luffy's Gear 5 Sun God Nika Wakes Up Giant Robot Sleeping for Centuries

Luffy’s Gear 5 Sun God Nika Wakes Up Giant Robot Sleeping for Centuries

The One Piece Chapter 1092 was released a while back and there was a sneak peek of a Giant Robot waking up. Everybody knows about Luffy’s Gear 5, or more notably the Sun God Nika awakening from Luffy’s Devil fruit, but what if I told you that Luffy wasn’t using the true power of his devil fruit in One Piece? Let me explain.

Luffy’s Sun God Nika isn’t only limited to the rubber powers, as Luffy kept using them, as an extension of the Gear 4, but without limitations to his surroundings. The Sun God Nika awakening of Luffy’s Devil Fruit in One Piece is actually imagination-based fruit that allows the users to conjure anything they imagine.

Now, what is this news on Luffy’s Gear 5 Sun God Nika Waking Up Giant Robot who was Sleeping for Centuries? It is actually the real power of Luffy’s Sun God Nika, or you can also refer to him as the “Joy Boy”

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One Piece Chapter 1092: Luffy, Kizaru, Akainu, and Giant Robot

Chapter 1092 is a banger as we get to witness Akainu’s Entrance into the Mary Goise, as Kuma has gone wild. Both Kuma and Akainu are going face-to-face, but that is all chapter 1092 brings up related to Kuma and Akainu.

Now, the chapter just slides to a fight between Kizaru and Luffy, but Luffy is using the Gear 4 Snakeman, as it is the fastest transformation and Kizaru is literally light. So, it goes well together, but Luffy is having a hard time catching up to Kizaru.

Next up, Luffy goes into Gear 5, the Sun God Nika, an awaked form of Gomu Gomu No Mi. We already know where it will go from there onwards, as Luffy is truly broken in this form, but there was a sneak peek of Giant Robot, who was sleeping for centuries, waking up.

Chapter 1092: Luffy goes Gear 5, Sun God Nika, to fight Kizaru, Waking up Iron Giant, or Giant Robot.

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Who is the Giant Robot Waking Up in One Piece Chapter 1092?

The Giant Robot, known as the Iron Giant, is on Egghead Island, sleeping because it ran out of batteries attacking Mary Geoise 200 years ago. Beforehand, this Giant Robot was made in the Void Century, nearly 850 years ago, but some also refer to it as the Vega punk’s Giant Robot for some reason.

That’s the most amount of details we know as of right now. While, the upcoming chapters are going to explain in depth what this Giant Robot is and what it has to do with the Sun God Nikla, Gear 5 of Luffy in One Piece. Kudos!

Luffy Gear 5, Sun God Nika transformation, waking up Giant Robot while fighting Kizaru in Chapter 1092.

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