Netflix Lupin Season 3 Confirmed

Netflix Lupin Season 3 Confirmed

Lupin Season 3 is confirmed. Omar Sy, who plays Assane Diop in the series, revealed the news on his Twitter. The french heist show got a positive response from viewers all around the world. Netflix revealed that the show was watched by 70 million users. According to some reports, the show attracted more viewership than Money Heist (La Casa da Papel). However, Netflix has not announced Lupin Season 3 yet.

Sy said this in an interview with Deadline:

“We’ll see what Netflix wants to do with this franchise, the first bet that we won was to bring this character to life and to create a franchise. The franchise exists and now it’s up to Netflix to see what they want to do with it. We’ll see what they propose, but this is a character that is super enjoyable and who I would take great pleasure in revisiting tomorrow if I can.”

Netflix Lupin Season 3 Confirmed

Lupin Season 3 Release Date

There is no news about the release date of the Lupin Season 3 yet. However, the first season of the show was released in January 2021. The second part of the show was released in June 2021. According to this pattern, part 3 of the show might release in mid-2022.


In the Lupin Season 2 finale, Assane revealed Pelligrini”s crimes. if Pelligrini’s in jail then it means that he would not return for season 3 of the show. Assane is currently hiding. He said goodbye to Claire and their son “Raoul” in season 2. However, Pelligrini has contact with the Minister of interior and he wiggled from the police custody before as well. There might be a possibility of Pelliigrini’s return.

Or we might get to meet someone else from Assane’s past?

George Kay, the creator of the show, also hinted towards a possible Sherlock Holmes crossover. He said this during an interview with Radio times;

“Speaking really honestly, there have been [discussions. There are some ideas circling around that, that I have, that I’m really interested to explore. The Arsene Lupin fanbase, which is evident within the show, would have to lock antlers with the Sherlock Holmes fanbase – you want to take it to a really meta-level. Having that kind of level of fun would be really cool, and it’s not something we haven’t discussed.”

However, according to Kay, the upcoming season might be a reboot for the series. He told Variety;

“create a new adventure that will run forward from there and further unsettle Assane”


Omr Sy will return as Assane. There is no Lupin without Sy. He is behind the success of the show.

“We were talking about making a show with Gaumont, the show’s producer, and they asked me: ‘What would be your dream role?’ And it didn’t take long for me to say Lupin,” he said this in an interview with The Hollywood reporter

He continued;

“It’s a classic book for us, he’s the guy, you know? And for an actor, he’s like the best toy you could get. Because you can do anything with him… It gave me the chance to do everything. I can be funny. There’s drama. There’s action. All with the same character.”

Ludivine Sagnier, Etan Simon,Antoine Gouy, Soufiane Guerrab, Shirine Boutella and Vincent Londez will return for Lupin Season 3 season 3 of the show.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.