The Walking Dead Lydia
Cassady McClincy as Lydia, Matt Lintz as Henry - The Walking Dead _ Season 9, Episode 15 - Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

Lydia is betraying Alexandria: TWD

The Walking Dead season 10 premiered with a lot of shocks and new plot twists. However, there is going to be a whisperers war for sure. Negan is out and people also believe that he is going to lead Alexandria and with Michonne leaving the walking dead universe we have a lot to witness yet.

Another thing that is definitely capturing the attention of the viewers is the conflict with Whisperers. However, Alpha said to Michonne that she knew they have crossed the border three times. She also said that she has eyes everywhere and she knows things.

Lydia is the one betraying the group?

People of Alexandria do not trust Lydia. They also kicked out her of the meeting in episode one of season 10. It shows that people do not trust her. Lydia is the daughter of Alpha and there can be a possibility that she is spying on the group.

Lydia Betraying

There was a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of the walking dead ”Silence the Whisperers”. It showed that there is a conflict within the community. People are afraid and they want the group leaders to do something about it. Lydia was seen doing some shady actions?

Or it could be someone else as well. But one way or another there is someone out there who is betraying the group.

Is it Negan?

Negan can also be the person betraying Alexandria it may seem like a big stupid stretch but there can be a possibility. He managed to escape once from the community.

Highway people:

But, there is aa huge possibility that it may be the Highway people. They were pretty angry when they found that their people were also spiked.

However, they are also pumping Michonne to have a war with the whisperers so there is a possibility.

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