The Walking Dead Season 10 Bonus Episodes: Maggie and Negan Reunion

The Walking Dead Season 10 Bonus Episodes: Maggie and Negan Reunion

The Walking Dead is rapidly going towards its end. The show that has been on the air for more than 10 years is expected to end after season 11 of the show. The show received both appreciation and criticism from the critics and fandom for its plot and choices over the course of 10 years.

However, the creators are thinking about making another spin-off of the show. The show already has a spin-off “Fear the walking dead”. But, the creators want to create another show that is going to focus on the story of “Daryl and Carol”. But, nothing is confirmed yet. The creators also planned “Rick Grimes” movies but due to the pandemic, they had to cancel the movies for now. There are also rumors that Andrew Lincoln might return in season 11 of the show. Even though the actor has clearly mentioned that he is done with the show for now.

The Walking Dead Season 10 Bonus Episodes: Maggie and Negan Reunion

Maggie’s Return

In the last episode, we saw Daryl killed Beta and the commonwealth community was also revealed in the latest episode. But, the biggest moment for fans of the show is going to be Negan Vs Maggie. Both of them have a history. Negan killed Glenn. Even though Maggie spared Negan’s life back in season 9, things are going to be messy when they will cross paths again.

Negan is a changed man but it is going to be tough for him to win the trust of the community. He is part of the group for now but once his paths cross with Maggie, things are going to be intense.

Angela Kang said this in an interview about Maggie’s return on the show:

“What we will see over time is that this is a person who has had to continue to harden herself and take sort of a more pragmatic approach to the world. She has this incredible heart that is at the core of her character,” says Kang, “but if you remember the Maggie who hung Gregory without a trial… ” That, we do. “Well, she’s had to go more in that direction over time.”

She continued:

“Very little shocks her anymore,” the showrunner continues. “There are ways that she’s had to sort of protecting herself by just cutting off certain feelings. She’s still Maggie, she’s just a Maggie who has seen worse things than most of our others have.”

Fans are excited for Maggie’s return and curious what will be her reaction when she will see Negan as a good guy after a long time.

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