Malcolm and Marie

Malcolm and Marie: Zendaya’s New Netflix Movie

Zendaya has a new upcoming movie. After winning the Emmy award, Zendaya is back again with another hit project “Malcolm and Marie”. The actress is famous for her role as Michelle Jones. However, even though fans are waiting for Euphoria season 2 and spiderman 3, but there are getting a new Netflix project “Malcolm and Marie”. John David Washington is also going to play a lead role in the movie.

However, even though Euphoria’s shooting was postponed due t the corona-virus pandemic. It did not stop Zendaya to do this project. Euphoria’s Sam Levinson is also included in the project. The whole movie was filmed in only two weeks. They followed strict protocols. Permission from lawyers and doctors was taken before filming the movie. Fans were quite disheartened when Euphoria was postponed. But, they are getting a better and exciting project instead. The genre of the movie is romance/drama. The movie is filmed in a 35mm film. The movie is black and white.

Malcolm and Marie: Zendaya's New Netflix Movie

Malcolm and Marie Plot

Malcolm and Marie are similar to Netflix’s “Marriage Story”. According to a source, the film is sold to Netflix for 30 million dollars. It is going to be Zendaya’s first project with Netflix. However, not much is revealed about the plot of the movie yet. But, it seems like it is going to be filled with drama and heartbreak similar to Netflix’s marriage story. A lot of information about the movie has been kept a secret. John David Washington ( known for appearing in Christopher Nolan’s Tenet) played the role of a filmmaker when his character comes home after filming his project, things become complicated between him and his wife.

The first film to be filmed during Qurantine

Malcolm and Marie are one of the few films that were filmed during the quarantine. According to the sources, proper protocols were taken and the cast wore masks during and after shooting. They were also quarantined after filming the movie. Doctors’ advice was followed throughout the whole filming process as well.

Produced by Zendaya

Not only Zendaya produced the movie along with the others. She also gave the idea of the upcoming movie to Sam. After two weeks of her idea, Sam wrote the script for the movie. It is going to be exciting to see a movie based on Zendaya’s concept. However, the actress has been quite silent about her project. However, she shared a picture from the set on her Instagram as well. Fans were quick to comment on the picture even Euphoria’s cast member storm Reid and commented on the picture.

Malcolm and Marie Release date

The movie has a release date now as well. The movie will be released on February 5 on Netflix worldwide. Even though other streaming services wanted the movie, HBO, Amazon Prime, and many more. But, Netflix won the bidding. Netflix paid 30 million dollars for the upcoming project.


There is no trailer of the movie yet. But, it will be released soon. The trailer of the movie will be released at the end of this year hopefully.

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