Marvel is rumoured to take over DC

Marvel is rumored to take over DC.

For decades both Marvel and DC have been in the rivalry. They both have been creating amazing comics and characters. But lately, DC comics are facing many difficulties. Marvel is known for making hit movies one after another.

Now there is a rumor that DC comics are being sold go the Marvel comics which is owned by Disney studios. Yet officials have to step forward to say anything about the news. But there are sources who are pointing to the possibility.

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The past Marvel movies have been a good hit at the box office. DC has struggled a lot in keeping the box office business good but has failed miserably. However, itis just a rumor and DC comics might not be available for sale. The DC comics has been entertaining fans for decades now with their superheroes like the Batman and Justice League.

DC can improve and build themselves again if they hire new comic writers and screenplay writers. J.J Abrams writing for Marvel Spiderman comics. DC can do the same as Warner Bros is also hiring nee screenwriters.

Dan Didio stepped out as the co-Publisher of the DC comics. It seems like At&T is just spreading this news to see the reactions of the fans. Fans believe that it is just a marketing trick to rise the sale and hype. But it seems like it is just a mere rumor yet and there is no official news in the matter yet.

Is Marvel really taking over DC?

With Disney recently buying Fox, there is no doubt that fans are a little worried about it but even if they do buy DC comics it will be good.

AT&T as he was thinking to relaunch the Patheon of DV comics with previous characters. He named the project “5G”. Maybe DC should have used this technique to raise the sales and interest of people.

Marvel is doing great when it comes to the box office and the comics world. There is no official word about whether the news is true or false. But it seems like it was just a mere rumor or who knows it could be true.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.