Marvel Loki Series: Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Release Date

Marvel Loki Series: Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Release Date

It is a delight for Loki fans across the globe as Marvel Cinematic Universe recently announced a new six-part spin-off series about Loki, the God of Mischief after the events of WandaVision which will be available on Disney+ on June 11, 2021. However, we all are happy to see Loki alive again but the main question which arises to mind is wasn’t he dead?

Well yes, Loki did die during the events of infinity war however, this series takes place in an alternate universe which exists due to Avenger’s time travel. The trailer which was released recently shows a new concept which introduces us to Time Variance Agency (TVA) and showing Loki to be a part of this organization.

Well, knowing him he would surely use his sharp wits to spice things up and we all are expecting him to time travel through all the universes, fingers crossed for this one.


The plot explains TVA and how they need Loki’s assistance in fixing up the reality when Mobius broke reality by picking up The Tesseract, also the show might even go up to need Loki’s help in fighting up with an even bigger threat and all his misadventures along the way. However, all we need is to see Loki’s new forms and maybe his female avatar again? Double fingers crossed for that one.

Marvel Loki Series Plot, Cast, Trailer, and Release Date

Marvel Loki Series Cast and Release Date

Loki is starred by our favorite Tom Hiddleston with his magnificently soothing voice and great acting which made us all love his character even if he was being portrayed as an unstable character who acts on his own intrusive mind. Owen Wilson as Mobius is a newly casted character. Sophia Di Martino as Lady Loki, can’t wait to see this one being enacted in the show. And there are many more old and newly casted actors in this series which we all would love to see more of.

Hopefully, June 11 will exceed our expectations with Marvel Loki Series