Young Avengers

Marvel Young Avengers Cast

Marvel is thinking about assembling a new team of super-heroes for the next generation “Young Avengers”. Marvel needs super-heroes that can fill up the gap created by the current MCU Super-heroes like Captain America, Iron-mana, and Black Widow. For, a decade these characters have been fan favorite. It is not easy to forget these awesome past characters. But, MCU is working on a new project that will launch a lot of new and young faces into the Marvel world.

However, a lot of fo characters also have been introduced in the previous movies and some of them will have their own solo shows on Disney+. However, some of them might make an appearance in phase 4. But, there is no major young avengers movie in Marvel Phase 4 yet. However, the young avengers are for phase 5. But, we will mention all the new potential young characters making their way into the Marvel world.

Marvel Young Avengers Cast

These new faces will be tougher than the previous ones and will face tougher villains than Thanos. It is hard to imagine a villain stronger than Thanos. But, Marvel has decided to bring the best for their fans. These are some of the characters that are going to make their appearance in the upcoming movies:

Kate Bishop

Kate Bishop is also going to be a new addition to the Marvel family. She is the daughter of Clint Barton played by Jeremy Renner. Kate Bishop was seen being trained by Clint in the Avengers endgame movie. However, Hailee Steinfield is going to play the role in the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeye. However, if the series becomes successful, it might launch Hailee Steinfeld into the MCU world.

Marvel Young Avengers Cast

Kamala Khan

Kamala Khan is going to make her appearance in the upcoming Disney+ show Ms.Marvel. However, she is often known as the part of another group The Champions, but for now, she is part of young Marvel avengers. The character is inspired by Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel is played by Brie Larson on the big-screens. Larson’s character might make an appearance in the series. Kamala Khan is the first Pakistani based character in the Marvel universe, that is why choosing a perfect match for the character was a tough task. But, Iman Vellani is going to play the character in the series.

Marvel Young Avengers Cast

Morgan Stark

Morgan Stark is the daughter of Pepper Potts and Tony Stark. She inherited all the wealth of his father after his death. She might take -over after the death of his father. However, in the comics, a girl named Riri Willians, known as iron-heart. Riri Williams can be introduced as Iron-heart in the upcoming projects if Morgan Stark’s character does not become iron-heart. There was a scene in the Avengers Endgame in which Morgan is all grown up and is played by Katherine Langford.

Miles Morales

Miles Morales is already present in the MCU world. In the Spider-man: Homecoming, Aaron Davis mentions that he has a cousin as well. Aaron Davis is the uncle of the young Miles. If he becomes the villain in the upcoming project, then Miles will become the young spider-man after the death of Peter Parker dies. It is not confirmed if Peter Parker would die in the future, but MCU is interested in the character.

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