Massive Earthquake in Pakistan Shook everything

Massive Earthquake in Pakistan Shook everything

Recently we got one of the biggest earthquakes in Turkey and Syria that caused an emergency in the region. Same followed in Ecuador that caused havoc. There were many speculations that the region of Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and other Asian countries in the area will be having a big Earthquake. Well, today there is a Massive Earthquake in Pakistan that Shook Everything.

What was the magnitude of the Earthquake in Pakistan?

The reports from Pakistan suggest that there are 6.8 Magnitude Earthquake in Pakistan on Tuesday 21st March 2023.

The area that was notable in the epicenter was the Afghanistan Hindu Kush region. Its depth was around 180 KMs which is quite in-depth. People in Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, and others also felt the effects.

Casualties in Islamabad

90 km away from Afghanistan, there was a 7.7 Magnite Earthquake, but in Islamabad, the Magnitude was 5.5 to 6 or roundabout. It means that the casualties are going to be low.

Yes, some places reported destruction, but mostly it was related to the crashes in the building.

Final Verdict

So, the Massive Earthquake in Pakistan really did shake things up because of the fear of Turkey and Syria Earthquake, later accompanied by the Earthquake in Ecuador.

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