Matt Damon to play Joker

Matt Damon to play Joker in the new Batman series.

We are going to get a new Batman movie and a new Joker sequel as well. But it does not mean that Warner Bros is not focusing on the new projects as well. Warner Bros is going to make a Batman series and they are looking for their perfect joker. Matt Damon is going to play Joker role in it.

Because of the recent success of the new Joker movie, it makes sense why Warner Bros is giving much attention to Joker. The movie did the business of billions at the box office all around the world.

Warner Bros want to give Marvel and other competitors a tough time and they want to bring something.

The series will be different and will have a separate plot. The story will not overlap with the DCEU world and the Joker movie. In fact, they are going to show a completely different story.

Matt Damon In Batman

White Knight: Sean Murphy

If you are not a big fan of the Batman or do not follow comics all the time then there is a possibility that you might not know about the short series written as White Knight. It was written by Sean Murphy in 2017. However, Warmer bros want to adopt the concept for their upcoming show.


White Knight has a special and different story that can hold the attention of the audience. They are going to show a “sane” personality of Joker. In short, they are going to show Joker as a good guy and they are going to make Batman a bad man. The story emphasizes how John Napier(Joker) will expose Batman and his dirty deeds. He will become the new hero of Gotham City and the Batman will prove to be a villain for the series.

It will receive around Joker mainly and will also focus on it’s past.

Cast: Matt Damon to play Joker

It is too early to say anything about the cast of the upcoming show. A source has said that Warner Bros wants Matt Damon to play their Joker. Matt Damon is famous for playing Jason Bourne in the Jason bourne movies. He is the highest-paid actress in Hollywood and has done many critically acclaimed movies in the past. There is no doubt that he has gold acting skills and will become a good Joker.

Matt Damon to play Joker


There are rumors that the show will air on HBO. Warner Bros is going to air Green Lantern on HBO so it makes sense that they would want to air the series on HBO. However, there is no official statement regarding the new series.

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