Matthew Davis may get removed from Legacies cast

Matthew Davis may get removed from Legacies cast

Matthew Davis is an American Actor who played Alaric Saltzman in The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. Currently, he is continuing his role in The Vampire Diaries spin-off series “Legacies” as Alaric, also known as Ric.

Damon and Elena’s daughter Stefanie Salvatore to make an appearance in Legacies

Legacies is an on-going show that is based on Klau’s daughter “Hope” and Salvatore school for the gifted kids, where Alaric is the Headmaster. The Latest episode “Facing darkness is kinda my thing” was released on March 26, 2020, and it was declared the season finale. There is no news on Season 3 yet. Recently Matthew posted some weird stuff on Twitter.

Matthew Davis Twitter

Matthew Davis Twitter

On 18th April, Matthew tweeted about boycotting China, and how they lied to us. Because of his tweet, he was declared racist and xenophobic. Fans started to attack him on twitter replies.

Matthew quickly deleted the tweet after being attacked by fans. However, fans claim that he was not exactly blaming the Chinese government but was showing hatred towards China. He also threatened a fan of the show on Twitter. Those tweets are now deleted but some Twitter pages managed to take screenshots.

On seeing this, other cast members of Legacies TV show such as Jenny Boyd(Lizzie), Kaylee Bryant(Josie), Lulu Antariksa (Penelope) unfollowed Matthew Davis on Twitter. There is also a video of Matthew during a comic-con being inappropriate towards Danielle.

Petition To Recast Alaric Saltzman with Jensen Ackles

Because of these tweets, fans started a petition on to replace Matthew Davis as Alaric Saltzman and Cast Jensen Ackles, famous as dean in Supernatural TV Show.

However, we don’t think they are going to remove Matthew Davis because of this since he is one of the main actors in The Vampire Diaries universe.

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