MCU Phase 4 will Blow your Mind.

Avengers Endgame was the highly anticipated movie of 2019 there is no doubt in it. The president of the marvel studios has announced shocking news for the fans. MCU phase has ended with the release of Spider-man: Far from home. Everybody believed that amazing phase 3 will end. But do not be sad Marvelis not doing and going anywhere soon. The president and directors released marvelous MCU phase 4 schedules at the conference. We are not disappointed at all by their plans for the future.

But we are going to talk in detail about all the facts we know which movie are going to hit cinemas next year. Which characters will return and which will not. Keep reading if you want to be updated.

The Recent Comic-Con: MCU Phase 4

The recent Comic-Con crucial and interesting this year. MCU also released plans for future movies. We are going to see many new projects and faces in the MCU phase 4.

We have all the possible details we got from the recent comic-con. Where MCU president Kevin Feige enlightened us with future plans.

Marvel Avengers has been one of the most highly grossing movies in the world there is no doubt in this

But Marvel.itself is ready to put it behind and focus on the new projects which will attract the new generation audience as well.

In the recent comic con, we were provided with necessary information on the upcoming movies. However, we will be provided with further information in the upcoming months.

In the interview, we can see the president Kevin Feige telling the journey of Avengers is over for now. But they have new X-Men movies and another mind-blowing movie that we will mention separately in our article will also hit the cinemas next year.

We generally think that we will not see anything from the Avengers side for a good 3 to 2 years. We can hope that directors will make something quick.

The Characters who will not return to MCU world for a quite while.

If you have watched Avengers: End game then you should know that there are some of the characters we doubt that will not come to MCU.

Here is the list to keep you updated with the latest MCU characters who may not return to the screens for a quite while now.

Captain America will not return for MCU Phase 4

Captain America is one of the characters we highly believe will not return to the big screen or a quite while of Avengers will have another part or franchise.

if you have watched the movie then you should know that Caption America sacrifices himself for the infinity stone. Turn out he gets old as the effect of the serum given to him years ago strips off.

It is still unclear for the character. But it is confirmed that Chris Evans will not return for one of his biggest roles ever.

However, we are not saying that the character is fully and is gone forever. But are quite sure that the actor Chris Evans will not play the character anymore. For him, it requires a lot of attention and the actor has many other projects in his mind. Chris Evans will love to do other versatile roles.

But it does not mean that the door of Marvel.wolrd is closed for him.

Black Widow

Black widow will not return for the next possible MCU movie. It is a complete possibility that she would not appear. Se died in the avenger’s end game.

She was brave and smart and she seemed more humanly powerful.

But my the look of the recent movie phase we are sure that marvel has something good for us in the store. When it comes to detective like black widows smart and powerful. We are going to see something similar. But, do not forget that even tho scarlet is gone but we still have Elizabeth Olsen. She is amazing at what she does.

The list movies we will see in MCU Phase 4

Loki Spring (2021)

Loki spring is one of the movies that are also in the MCU phase 4 queue.

Even though the character Loki died in The Avengers it does not mean that it is truly gone. We are purely happy for this movie and definitely, Tom Hiddleston will continue his role.

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The details will be released in 2020

Fans are really excited to mess the role of Loki again on their screens. We generally loved Loki too much. His death caused a lot of fiasco years ago in one If the avenger’s movie. Fans were left devastated all around the world. but there is going to be another movie now this year.

Wanda Vision

Wanda’s vision is another upcoming project of Marvel. This is going to be something epic starring Elizabeth Olsen. Well, Elizabeth Olen has been our favorite from day 1. It is good to see her in something bigger project where we will see her solo performance.

This movie is going to be released in 2021. We have our fingers crossed for this one. Good Luck Elizabeth.

It is still unclear what is going to be the plot for the movie but it has Elizabeth in it so we are sure it is going to be something exciting and thrilling.

Fantastic Four

we saw a remake of fantastic four a few years ago. We are happily informing you that Marvel has taken the movie under their wings. It is set to release in 2021. The cast will be the same as the old movie.

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It is exciting to watch marvel extending them to the new level. The audience will be given the chance to experience new and a better concept. Get ready for the amazing ride heading next year in the cinemas.


Marvel has taken X-men franchise under their wings as well. We were blown away when we found out that,

There is no doubt that why ending The Avenger’s journey, for now, was a good idea.

Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.

Aliza Fatyma
Aliza Fatima is a writer/author at The Panther Tech.