Spider Man 3 Plot Revealed

MCU Spiderman 3 Villian and Title revealed.

Spiderman 3 is happening sooner than you think. It could have been a little bit more early if it was not for the deadly Coronavirus which originated from Wuhan, China. Even though nations are united and coming forward to save people from the deadly virus. But people are still panicking because of the virus. Hollywood has lost 20 billion dollars because of the current outbreak. Many high budget movies delayed their release dates causing a chaotic situation at the box office.

But, it does not mean that Sony is not working on the new Spiderman. It will be released a little bit and production, for now, has stopped but they are still doing casting decisions.

Title for Spiderman 3

The title for the upcoming Spiderman 3 is going to be “Spiderman: Home Run”. It truly makes sense because the previous installments were named Homecoming and Far from home.

In the last part, Spiderman was running from a murder case so it makes sense why they have chosen this name. However, officials still have to come forward to confirm the title


There is still not much about the plot of the movie yet, but we might have news about the new villain in the movie.

Kraven the Hunter is going to play the Villian in the movie. It seems like the city of New York will hire him to get the hold of Spiderman as his reputation is quite corrupted and he seems like a public enemy. Kraven the hunt was one of the best villains in the spiderman comics.

It is not known yet how much they are going to follow the comics when it comes to the third installment.


There are rumors that they are thinking to cast Henry Cavil for the role of Kraven the hunt. But there are also rumors present that they are thinking to cast Jason Momoa for the role. But Henry Cavil is busy shooting season 2 of the witcher. So he might not be up for the role of the villain in Spiderman 3, but the shooting wraps in July for the Witcher season 2, so who knows he might agree to do the project.

Release date of Spiderman 3

Release date of Spiderman 3

There is no news about the release date of the movie yet present on the internet. The shooting will start when the virus will subside and conditions will be better all around the world.

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