MCU to cast Jim Carrey for a role

MCU to cast Jim Carrey for a role

Jim Carrey is famous for mostly comedy roles. He has done a lot of serious roles in his career. But, he made his comeback on big screens with “Sonic: The Hedgehog“. He played Robotnik in the movie. However, people and critics loved his role.

It was a tough task to bring Robotnik on the big screens, but Jim Carrey did it flawlessly with his talent. Jeff said this in an interview with DigitalSpy about Carrey’s acting skills:

With Robotnik, there wasn’t quite so much to pull from with the source material, because he is very mustache-twirly, and for the purposes of the film, we were trying to keep him a little bit more grounded. I mean, we still obviously had a lot of fun with the character. The development that went into him, and all of that, was made so great, just by the casting of Jim Carrey, and all the ideas that he brought to it. It just felt like he really responded to the character in the most incredible way, and had so many ideas for how to develop him

Jim Carrey’s life is always been surrounded by a lot of controversies. He amazed the critic and the audience with his performance in the sonic movie. There are a lot of rumors about him appearing in many upcoming movies. Recently, there is a rumor that he is going to be in a Marvel movie.

Jim Carrey to play MODOK

There are rumors that Jim Carrey is going to play the role of MODOK. MODOK has also appeared in many Marvel Comics and even games. But, MODOK has yet to make its big-screen debut. However, after Jim Carrey’s role in Sonic The Hedgehog, he has proved that he can also play a villainous role as well. But, nothing is confirmed yet.

MCU to cast Jim Carrey for a role
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