Microsoft announces Project Scarlett with Halo Infinite

Microsoft has just declared about the new generation Project Scarlett console. It is coming up teamed up with a brand-new Halo Infinite game by the end of next year. Microsoft guarantees that its console will have graphics support of 8K. Moreover, it will also have an SSD storage and superb capacity to ray trace the graphics.

The Virtual RAM or the SSD will be a game changer for the gamers as it will be forty times more potent than the current versions. It automatically will enable the users to load their games a whole lot faster.

You can also play Xbox One games with this next generation console

The Project Scarlett will allow you to enjoy your old Xbox One games. Moreover, you can also use your old Xbox accessories and controllers. At this moment, the company is adjusting developments for keeping the optical disc drive. It is also planning to support all Xbox games of four generations via retrograde compatibility. This way, Xbox 360 users will also be able to get the benefit of using the next generation console.

Are there two next-generation consoles coming up?

According to some rumors, the company is going to introduce two Xbox Consoles of the next generation in the coming year. However, at the current stages, Microsoft is only keen for its latest reveal, the Project Scarlett.

The new console will be having a customized central processing unit with its design based on the Radeon RDNA and Zen 2 of AMD style. The integration is guaranteed to be up to four times more solid than the architecture of the previous version. The upgraded RAM is guaranteed to bring a revolution in the framerates through its resolution, with 120 frames per second, one like fans haven’t seen before.

It will also be accompanying an optical disc drive. Unlike its old rival, Sony PlayStation, the new generation Xbox is not going to have any Virtual Reality tech. However, there are more promising features in the next consoles in comparison to PS4 Pro, which makes it more popular even with its lacking in VR tech.

Is the next-gen console worth the cost?

Due to more advanced internal components, it is more likely for the next-gen console to cost more than its ancestor, Xbox One, that costs about 500 US dollars in the market. Although the framerate and the graphics make it quite interesting for gamers, you will not be able to play technologically advanced games with virtual reality on an apparently much innovative looking console. With the elongated console having upgraded hardware, the user experience will be worth the cost.

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