Microsoft xCloud Gaming: Price, Games and Release Date

Microsoft xCloud Gaming: Price, Games and Release Date

The Multinational Company, Microsoft, located in Redmond is well-known amongst its customers due to its reliable and high-quality products. It is basically focused on computer software as it manufactures, licenses, and sells them throughout the world. It is known for its computers and other electronic gadgets. Founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen has various subsidiaries including GitHub, Microsoft India, Microsoft Online Inc. In this article, we will discuss the various features and details of Microsoft xCloud Gaming. We will shed light on the stunning details that will help you to decide why this product would be worth the price.

Microsoft xCloud Gaming: Price, Games and Release Date

Description and Details

Microsoft xCloud Gaming is an online gaming platform which is given to its customers as a complimentary service with Xbox One as well as Xbox Series X. This streaming service is available on remote servers. This benefits the players as they won’t have to go through the strenuous and time-consuming task of loading games, the games are already loaded and you’re welcome to play whenever you feel like it.

Being one of the largest data centres around the world, xCloud gaming reduces the distance between the servers and game requests which furthermore decreases the inactivity. Many players are annoyed by the gap that occurs between the players’ actions and the game’s reaction; this latency is particularly common on cloud software but xCloud is free from this issue as its servers are closely located. It allows the players to resume their games on whichever device they choose. You just need an internet connection and xCloud will enable you to play your favourite games on various portable devices.

The games previously available for Xbox players are available along with some other save games, which proves that it is not produced to replace Xbox in the markets. This clearly means that the players can play many of the Xbox games without spending their hard-earned money on buying the entire gaming systems. Crackdown 3 and Titanfall are one of the few games that will be available on Microsoft’s xCloud Gaming. The whole library of Xbox One would be available on this gaming software too which will provide the players with approximately 3000 games.

Microsoft xCloud Gaming: Price, Games and Release Date

Software Customization

The Xbox One S System’s internals is available on the server blades which makes the whole gaming experience worthwhile. It also has a cross-buy feature that allows players to resume the games according to their convenience. In the demo phase, Forza Horizon 4 was streamed on a mobile phone and its graphics and quality were exactly similar to the console game. Moreover, the xCloud is customized according to different devices, which means that the quality will not be impacted because of the difference in devices.

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Microsoft xCloud Pricing

After going through the list of these impressive specifications, many players are now wondering about its price range. The official price announced by Microsoft is $15 per month. The monthly payments allow users to judge this software and make their decisions wisely. Also, the price range is quite affordable.

Microsoft xCloud Release Date

The official release date announced by Microsoft is 15th September 2020, which makes us realize that is it going to release today. The Xbox users can now have an amazing experience as this xCloud Gaming software will increase the availability of games along with high-quality content on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, etc. All the features and details are now available so that the users can choose whether they want to buy this service or not. The users are quite sure that they will never regret buying the xCloud gaming software due to its spectacular features and affordable pricing.

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