open-source Arduino based ventilator

MIT Engineers have launched a project to launch an open-source Arduino based ventilator

There are currently 464,683 CoronaVirus cases worldwide, and above 20,000 deaths. These are desperate times, many hospitals all around the world are lacking ventilators because cases are increasing really quickly.

About 40,000 cases are appearing daily worldwide. After China and Italy, the USA is suffering the most with over 64,500 total cases till now and above 9000 deaths. New York City is the epicenter of the USA pandemic.

Due to the sudden increase of cases and shortage of ventilators, MIT Engineers have launched a project to launch a low-cost open-source Arduino based ventilator that will be beneficial for the COVID-19 patients. These desperate measures were really necessary since the virus directly affects your lungs and a ventilator is important for covid-19 patients having serious respiratory problems.

Open-Source Arduino based Ventilator

It is believed that this open-source Arduino based Ventilator is going to save lives. Existing manufacturers of normal ventilators are trying to speed up the process and production, but the amount of cases is increasing really quickly, so the production can not keep up with cases.

Arduino Team came up with a low-cost open-source Arduino based ventilator

According to Arduino Team :

The idea is that since these machines are basically just blowers controlled by a brushless DC motor, an Arduino Nano equipped with an electonic speed controller could allow it to act as a one.

Arduino Team.
open-source Arduino based ventilator circuit diagram

The project is not currently approved for medical use, but it is a good initiative, and it can be improved.

open-source Arduino based ventilator

There is also an already programmed and designed project of Johnny Lee on Github. Click here to visit.

There is not much on it yet, is it safe or not? After MIT engineers make sure that it is safe for COVID-19 patients, then it will be approved for medical use.

The expected cost of open-source Arduino based ventilator is 100$, which is quite cheap as compared to a normal ventilator.

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