Most Awaited Netflix Seasons of 2021 and Their Release Date

Most Awaited Netflix Shows of 2021 and Their Release Date

We cannot deny the fact that some of the most amazing shows were released in 2020. Netflix is currently the best streaming platform with greatest shows and movies. Netflix reached 204 Million subscribers back in 2020. The Coronavirus pandemic started in 2020 and Netflix helped us go through it. Most countries were under lock-down in 2020 and people were forced to stay at home. Netflix’s binge-watch worthy shows helped us during the lockdowns.

Netflix has a lot of amazing shows coming up this year, both new and returning. Every year, Netflix comes up with new content, both new and returning. Here are some most waited Netflix series, both new and returning, that are going to air on the streaming giant this year.

Lucifer Season 5 Part 2

Lucifer Season 5 was divided into two parts. The first part was released last year and the part 2 release date was recently announced. Lucifer Season 5 Part 2 will air on Netflix next month on the 28th. Lucifer is one of the most well-known Netflix original series. The series first aired back in 2016 and is still ongoing. People are hooked to the series because of the plot and cast. Tom Ellis plays the role of Lucifer, who returns from hell to reside in Los Angeles and starts a local club. But it was not always like this. The show first aired on the Fox channel, but after season 1 and season 2 they tried to cancel the show sadly. But then Netflix came into the scene like a hero and saved the show from being canceled.

Moreover, the show is also renewed for a sixth and final season. Lucifer Season 6 wrapped up filming as well. We can expect it this year too but we are not certain about it.

Most Awaited Netflix Shows of 2021 and Their Release Date

Shadow and Bone

Another most-awaited Netflix Original series is Shadow and Bone. It is said to be the next biggest hit on Netflix. Netflix’s Shadow and Bone is based on Leigh Bardugo‘s Grishaverse series. The show is based on the story of the kingdom of Ravka. The powerful magic is known as “The Fold” is destroying and taking over the kingdom. The heroine “Alina Starkov” is going to save the kingdom with her extraordinary powers. Alina’s extraordinary powers soon make her well-known for her powers in her Kingdom. But, General Kirigan is also after her because of her powers.

Shadow and Bone is going to release this month on 23rd April.

Most Awaited Netflix Shows of 2021 and Their Release Date

Money Heist Season 5

We all know about Money Heist since it’s one of the most-watched series on Netflix. It’s crime-thriller spanish series on Netflix that instantly got hit on Netflix. Money Heist Season 5 is going to be the final season of the series. The series was saved by Netflix, it first aired on Spanish network Antena 3 but was canceled after the first season.

There is no news on the release date of Money Heist Season 5. However, Alex Pina confirmed that the series will air in 2021.

Most Awaited Netflix Shows of 2021 and Their Release Date

Outer Banks Season 2

Another most-awaited returning series is Outer Banks Season 2. Outer Banks was released back in 2020 and instantly went trending. Outer Banks was renewed for a second season back in 2020 and it was confirmed by Netflix that Outer Banks will release in Summer 2021. However, Netflix has yet to reveal the exact release date of upcoming season. It was confirmed by the cast that the show has wrapped up filming.

Jupiter’s Legacy

Netflix acquired Millarworld, the comic company back in 2017. Jupiter’s Legacy is another big comic-book based project by Netflix. The series is being directed by former Daredevil producer and director “Steven S. DeKnight”. Jupiter’s Legacy is said to be one of the best of Miller’s works and now it is getting a TV Series adaption by Netflix. The plot follows the super-powered children that are struggling to live up to their parents’ legacy who are the original super-heroes. The series is set to release on May 7th, 2021.

Sex Education Season 3

There are currently two seasons of Netflix Sex Education. However, Sex Education Season 3 was renewed. The show was supposed to return this January but because of the pandemic, the release date was delayed. Netflix confirmed that Sex Education is returning this year with Season 3.

At some point in life, everyone experiences an embarrassing and soul-crushing discomfort of explaining the birds and the bees to their parents. Netflix Sex Education is a Netflix Original, casting Gillian Anderson named Jean Milburn, a therapist, the show cycles around her son named Otis acted by Asa Butterfield.

Elite Season 4

Elite is a spanish-thriller Netflix original series. The show was first aired back in 2018. It has been renewed for a fourth and fifth season. he series follows three students, Samuel, Nadia, and Christan, who gets transferred to Las Encinas High School because their school was destroyed. So, the conflicts between scholarship students and rich students lead to the murder of a rich girl, Marina. 

There is no news on the release date yet. But the show is set to return this year.

Stranger Things Season 4

Stranger Things is a sci-fi TV series, also a Netflix Original. The show first aired back in 2016 and is still ongoing. There are currently three seasons on Netflix and Stranger Things was renewed for a fourth season last year. Created by Matt Duffer, Ross Duffer. Stranger Things Season 3 left us with huge cliffhangers and Season 4 is going to uncover those cliffhangers. Netflix has confirmed Stranger Things will return this year.

Lupin Season 2

Lupin is a french-mystery thriller series that is also a Netflix’s Original. The first season was released this year with only 5 episodes. After the release, Netflix announced that the series has been renewed for a second season and it will air in 2021. The plot of the French series revolves around Assane Diop, a gentlemen thief who is hell-bent on avenging his father. Netflix has not yet revealed the release date yet but confirmed that it will release in summer 2021.

Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios.
When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games

Masab Farooque
Masab Farooque is a Tech Geek, Writer, and Founder at The Panther Tech. He is also a lead game developer at 10StaticStudios. When he is not writing, he is mostly playing video games