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6 Most Underrated Characters of The Vampire Diaries

Overview: The Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries is one of the longest-running and most darling shows in the CW’s history, and for a generally excellent reason. The exciting wanders aimlessly kept fans enamored each week for a long time, and their adorable and complex characters kept their group of spectators truly put resources into the story.

Clearly the fundamental characters were consistently the primary draw for the show, however, The Vampire Diaries exceeded expectations when it came to making each character they presented fascinating or one of a kind.

On a show where demise can be around any corner, it’s no genuine amazement that supporting characters appear to go back and forth at lightning speed.

What’s more, anticipation shows do need to keep things sensational, so it bodes well to never give any characters a chance to have a sense of security.

Nonetheless, there are consistently those characters who appeared for a minute that unmistakably appears to be excessively short, and there are consistently those characters who don’t get kudos for how cool they truly were. Here are the top 6 most underrated characters of The Vampire Diaries!


Everything considered obviously Vicki Donovan was acquainted with demonstrating to the group of spectators that no character on the show was ever genuinely protected, and the unexpected demise of one of the female characters who appeared as though she was a primary character was unquestionably a powerful method for doing that.

With the creating romantic tale among Vicki and Jeremy Gilbert just as Vicki’s abrupt and unforeseen change into vampirism, it appeared as though her story was simply outfitting, however, once she turned into a threat to Elena she was all of a sudden and amazingly murdered.

The Vampire Diaries truly needed to separate itself from Twilight as it so happens, and Vicki is in huge part what got that going.

FINN Mikaelson

It’s actually truly hard to put a truly fascinating or one of a kind turn on the legend that is as old and surely understood as vampire legend. In any case, The Vampire Diaries figured out how to achieve the close outlandish with their expansion of The Originals, a group of vampires that are the real foundation of the whole vampire race.

Finn was the most established offspring of the Original family, and his passing presented the interesting and fantastically risky turn that on the off chance that an Original vampire bites the dust, at that point their whole vampire bloodline kicks the bucket with them.

In any case, his unexpected passing additionally implied the sudden finish of a conceivable thousand years of stories, and it would have been wonderful to see a greater amount of his character.


The Bennett witch bloodline is basically the greatest and most boss witch family that had ever been and will ever be, however in a family tree that incorporates witches like Bonnie Bennett or Qetsiyah it very well maybe not entirely obvious somebody like Emily Bennett.

Emily was not your normal witch no doubt, however, a lot of her ruses were occurring in the background as she cleverly claimed to be simply Katherine Pierce’s worker.

Furthermore, Emily continued playing manikin ace long after she passed on, she, at last, was in charge of a great deal of what befell the Mystic Falls pack regardless of whether she wasn’t alive to see it.


The Vampire Diaries is populated by many vampire characters that appear to be pretty by and by tangled and by and large emotional about their vampirism, so it was a gigantic help to see characters like Kol Mikaelson now and then.

The ecstatic Kol appeared to really be making the most of his vampire life, and keeping in mind that he was as rough and savage as the remainder of them he didn’t appear to overthink debilitating and killing individuals out of the blue he considered proper.

Also, he was an Original. His character was a much-needed refresher, and it was a disgrace to see such an insignificant slice of him.

MIKAEL: Vampire Hunter in The Vampire Diaries

Some of the time there are thoughts that simply solid splendid the minute you hear them, and the possibility of an Original vampire turned vampire tracker is one of them.

Mikael was extremely the main impetus behind the formation of the vampire species, and his need to control his family and “ensure” his youngsters in the most twisted manner comprehensible turned into a fight that traversed hundreds of years and affected (or here and there finished) a huge number of lives.

Mikael’s muddled associations with the majority of his children appeared to be an account gold mine and keeping in mind that seeing Klaus slaughter his dad was a delightful plot bend it was a disgrace to lose such a fascinating character unexpectedly early.


The Vampire Diaries sure adores its stunning wanders aimlessly, and the authors unquestionably dialed things up to the maximum when it came to Isobel Flemming.

The crowd initially meets Isobel as Alaric’s missing spouse, just to uncover that she is in certainty Elena Gilbert’s organic mother and that she really deserted Alaric since she needed to be a vampire and persuaded none other than Damon Salvatore to get that going for her.

I bet you all wish these characters stayed a bit longer!

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