Parallel Universe NASA experiment

NASA Discovered Proof Of Parallel Universe (Mirror Dimension)

Since the 1950s, the debate is going on about the existence of Multi-Verse and Parallel Universe. NASA scientists discovered the evidence of the Parallel Universe, where all the rules of physics are reversed. Recently a cosmic ray detection experiment was performed in Antarctica, which exposed the possibility of another Universe.

According to the theory, when Big Bang happened two universes were actually formed if you are a DC TV fan, you must have known about the Multiverse concept.

The experiment concluded that there were particles that were not of this universe. NASA’s Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna (ANITA) used a balloon according to dailystar, which revealed the particles. These particles are so powerful that there is no possible way yet to create or replicate them.

Also, the experiment also revealed that the particles were traveling back in time. Scientists are naming it “Mirror World”, where everything is basically reversed.

Of course, if there were any inhabitants of this mirror universe, they’d see ours as the backward one.

According to this theory, they might consider their universe as the Prime one and our as the Mirror, parallel. The experiment was led by Peter Gorham.

Pentagon officially released the UFO videos and it looks like Tie/RB from Star Wars

However, there is no actual proof yet, it’s just an experiment that revealed some possibilities of the parallel universe. It could be an error or an mistake

We’re left with the most exciting or most boring possibilities

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