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Negan joining Whisperers and meeting Alpha

The Walking Dead season 10 is coming to end rapidly. Only three episodes are left in this season. But, there is a lot the show has yet to answer. There is still not a thing about the commonwealth and Rick revealed in the show. “Negan joining Whisperers and meeting Alpha”

However, there must be something about the commonwealth in the last episode and we di not even get to see Maggie this year at all. Laren Cohen, the actresses who played the role of Maggie in the series had troubles with the producers. However, Eugenie heard a woman on the radio shown in the trailer of the next episode.

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What is Negan’s Purpose right now

The main question the show yet to answer is Negan’s purpose outside the community’s cell. Negan is a complicated character in the history of the walking dead. He was a major villain in season 7 and 8. However, it changed quickly when Rick Grimes showed kindness and smartness and saved the cruel leader of Saviours from his death.

However, it was mainly because of Carl’s letter. Killing off Carl may be one of the many mistakes the show had made. But, casting Jeffrey dean morgan has saved the show.

Just like comics, Negan has changed a lot. In comics, Negan saved Rick from the walkers during the whisperer’s attack on Alexandria. He was the man who killed Alpha.

But, what is his real purpose right now on the show. Negan has leadership qualities. He is different then all of the leaders introduced on the show. He has a way to do things and he makes sure those things happen. He can handle and lead Alexandria better than the current leaders because he knows how to keep people in line.

However, he is a changed man and literally cringed the way Brandon was being his fan and puppet wanting to prove himself to Negan.

But, he is out and according to him, he is out there with Whisperers because to join their group. It was shown in the trailer that the whisperers caught him and took him to Alpha.

Carol sent Negan

Fans are believing maybe Carol was the one who let Negan out. She cannot make her peace with the fact that Henry is gone and they still have to work and fear under the whisperers. After she got injured and Michonne’s no war policy there is a big possibility that Carol let Negan out to do the dirty mission of Killing Alpha and Beta.

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Daryl and Carol both of them were shown outside together looking for something. There is a slight possibility that it was because of Negan.

Why Negan is siding with the Whisperers?

Negan siding up with the whisperers seems a good thing. He is not that kind of person to live under the fears of others. There is definitely a reason for his decision. He can not side with whisperers.

Negan Vs Beta

Negan was seen as an annoying beta in the recent trailer. It was an epic Comics event that was brought to our TV screens. Both of them are so different yet so alike in some ways. Negan is a dangerous man to cross and of course, he s not afraid of the whisperers. In fact, he killed both Alpha and beta in the comics. Still, wonder why comics had Rick for?

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Is Daryl Hurt

In the sneak peek we saw a walker attacked Daryl. However, we are hoping that it was nothing and he is fine. The walking dead season 10 has been so good so far. So, we are definitely excited about the upcoming finale of season 10.

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