Negan vs Alpha

Negan out to Kill Alpha: The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead Episode ‘Silence the whisperers” was unexpected. It was full of thrill and a lot of surprises. But, the biggest surprise was Negan coming out of Alexandria. Negan may be out to kill Alpha.

In the last episode, Negan helped Lydia when the highway people tried to kill her. Negan was there to save her at the right time but ended up killing the highwaywoman. However, Daryl believed Lydia and was on Negan’s side.

Who helped Negan run away?

The biggest question is who let Negan out? People are saying a character named Brandon helped him run away? He was out there with Negan and definitely he is the spy for alpha. In the comics, Brandon was killed by Negan. However, in the comics, Brandon was trying to sell rick out to alpha and Negan killed him in order to win the trust of Rick. So we are assuming Negan is out there to win the trust of the group. There is no doubt Negan has skills and mind to trap the whisperers.

What is his strategy? Negan vs Alpha

We all know that Negan is not a bad guy anymore. He is on the road of redemption and he wants the trust of the group. But, he is going to win the trust of Alpha and he is going to betray Alpha with his mind games. But, it is still unclear whether they are going to follow the classic comic plot.

Negan Vs Alpha

Alpha still has a feeling for her daughter Lydia. So, maybe Negan is going to use Lydia as leverage over Alpha. However, we want to see the reaction of the whole group when Negan will roll on the other side.

Michonne will have faith in Negan

In recent episodes, Michonne seems to be easy with the whole Negan situation. Negan saved Judith’s life so Michonne may trust him and Gabriel has faith in him too as he once got a confession out of Negan.

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