Negan to kill Beta

Negan to Kill beta along with Daryl and Aaron’s death.

The walking dead season 10 is rapidly going towards its end. The season started with a lot of stuff and a lot of thrilling comics plot we’re brought to our television screens. The show is going in a different direction compared to the comics but still, the major portion of the show is following Comics.

However, the walking dead universe is going to change as Rick Grimes movies are going to take quite a different route as compared. To the comics. The movies will explore Rick Grimes’s past and Danai Gurira who played Michonne on the show left the show to be in the movies. Rick is at commonwealth and we will also see how he survived and reached there.

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But, Fans are concerned about the future of the show. With the release of episode 14. It is easy to see the Whisperer arc is coming to an end but they still have one last enemy left and it is Beta.

What is going to be Negan’s future in the show?

Negan has become an important part of the show lately. Fans have hate and love kinda relationship with the character on the show. But it seems like Negan has gone soft and even though it is going to be difficult for the group to accept him as a member after he spent 7 years locked up in the jail.

Negan has done a lot of damage. He killed Glenn gruesomely and he has caused many deaths directly or indirectly and he is also responsible for Carl’s death. But, it does not stop fans to take his side and forget what he has done and many defend him as well. However, Negan on the TV series seems quite changed and it seems like they have bigger plans for Negan. There are some fan theories that can happen with Negan on the TV show.


With Michonne on her journey to find Rick and considering other people of the group have handful right now, Rick’s kids need a guardian. Daryl is always or away fighting the bad guys, remember how Negan saved Judith from frostbite she ran after Daryl’s dog and nobody from the group was there to save Judith besides, Negan. However, in the comics, he was a high school coach so Negan being soft with kids makes a lot of sense. So, it seems like he is going to be a Guardian Angel for Rick’s kid as Rick Junior is not that brave as compared to his sister Judith. Judith seems to like Negan and she has a good relationship with him.


It seems quite far fetched no one will ever agree to give him leadership of any sort of community. But it does not mean that Negan is not a. Potential leader. He has good leadership qualities and now he is a changed man he might be able to build a better community than Rick and his group. But the probability of this happening seems very low. But who knows after all nobody can resist Negan’s Charisma.

What is going to be Negan's future in the show?

Negan Friendship with Daryl:

We all know that the chances of this happening are very very low. Daryl forgives easy but he will never forget what Negan did to Glenn and friends he has lost because of him. But it does not mean he is going to stay cold towards him, now that all the major characters have left the show or have died so it is a possibility that they might develop some sort of understanding after how Negan saved Daryl from the whisperers.

Negan Friendship with Daryl:

Is Father Gabriel going to Die? or Aaron will be the Victim of Beta?

The trailer revealed Beta at the tower talking about taking the horde to Alexandria. However, in the comics or was Gabriel who died as he was guarding the water tower. But in the trailer, it was Aaron at the tower. Fans are believing that Aaron might die in this finale.

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