Dark Season 3

Netflix Dark Season 3 To Return This June

Famous German thriller TV Show is returning with a new season this June. Dark is a sci-thriller TV Show that airs on Netflix, there are currently two seasons released yet. It is one of the highest-rated shows on Netflix. The first season aired on Netflix back in 2017 and it became an instant hit. The show is based on a small town and a time travel conspiracy going on in it for three generations. Dark Season 3 got renewed recently.

It is pretty similar to Stranger Things which is also a hit. Children start to disappear from the small town and a teenager, Jonas Kahnwald father’s commits suicide. After his suicide, Ulrich Nielsen, a police officer son’s disappears the same way Ulrich’s brother disappeared. Later it was revealed that there is a wormhole in the cave where those children disappeared and they actually time travels when they go through it. The story lie includes three years, 2019, 1986, 1953, only these years people can time travel to via wormhole in the cave.

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Jonas Kahnwald, being the curious teenager travels back in the past to learn the truth, where he finds out that his father was actually the son of Ulrich who disappeared recently. So, even if he saves him he would be altering the current reality and he won’t exist if he saves him. In his journey, he finds his future selves who are also finding loopholes. In season 2, basically every finds out about the wormhole that exists in their town. Dark is a pretty complicated series and it’s hard to figure out who’s evil and who’s good. Everyone is trying to do good in their own way. However, Noah was considered a villain in Season 1. Dark Season 2 left us with many cliffhangers.

Dark Season 3

Adam wishes to create an alternate reality where time has no meaning and he wants to destroy this world. He is basically a future version of Jonas, can’t figure out why he started calling himself Adam. Michael’s death started the course of this timeline and it has to go that way for Jonas to exist. The appearance of Future Martha who saved Jonas is also a major plot twist. The trailer of Dark Season 3 recently came out.

We hope the latest season will answer our questions because it got my head spinning. Dark Season 3 returns on 27th June 2020.

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