Netflix Devil In Ohio: Why Did Mae Go Back To Amontown?

Netflix Devil In Ohio: Why Did Mae Go Back To Amontown?

Netflix’s new thriller/mystery limited series “Devil in Ohio” is trending in the top 10. The show hit the streaming platform last week and has become quite famous on Netflix. According to Variety, the show is watched for 35.4 million hours.

However, the show ended with a lot of unanswered questions. As the show is limited series, a season 2 might not happen. But, Netflix has renewed limited series in the past so there is hope. Even though the show is enjoying a lot of time in the top 10 category audience is still not impressed by the series. The series has an average rating of 6/10 on IMbd and a 31% score on Rotten Tomatoes. According to Forbes Paul Tassi, the core premise of the show had potential but it was wasted by Netflix and HBO could have done a better job and the outcome would have been of high quality.

But, bad reviews and audience remarks have never stopped Netflix from renewing a show if the viewership is high. If you are looking for a thriller/mystery to casually watch then “Devil in Ohio” is not a bad option.

Netflix Devil In Ohio: Why Did Mae Go Back To Amontown?

Devil in Ohio Ending Explained

The show centers around “Mae” who escaped from a satanic cult in Amontown. Dr. Suzanne a psychiatrist decides to take Mae to her home and becomes her foster. Mae becomes a part of the family which consists of Dr. Suzanne’s real estate agent husband Peter and their three children Jules, Dani, and Helen.

Strange and eerie things start to happen with the family when Mae arrives. Mae tries to steal Jules’s crush, the cult almost kills Dani, and Peter’s house got burned down. However, Mae is triggered after receiving a bouquet of white flowers when she becomes Harvest dance queen. She goes back to her cult to sacrifice herself to Lucifer. But, Suzanne goes to Amontown and saves Mae from sacrificing herself, and Abigail, Mae’s mother sacrifices herself to Lucifer instead. Detective Lopez kills Sheriff Wilkins and saves Mae and Suzanne.

Mae and Suzanne are seen chilling with each other on Thanksgiving and it is revealed that Peter is living separately with his three children. But, the couple still decides not to give up on each other. Dr. Suzanne is also seen in therapy dealing with her childhood trauma which she ignored in the past.

The show ends with an eerie cliffhanger, Detective Lopez calls Suzanne while she was having dinner with Mae and tells her that they found footage of the night of the Harvest dance and it was not the cult who planted the flowers, it was Mae. The show then cuts to Mae’s praying stump with Suzanne’s picture indicating Mae’s obsession with Suzanne.

Is Mae evil? Why did she run back to her cult?

The audience believes that Mae was obsessed with Suzanne from the start as she never had a caring mother figure in her life and Suzanne was compelled to help her because she was still struggling with her childhood trauma despite having a perfect family and marriage. They also pointed out that Mae running back to her cult must be a reason to get Suzanne’s attention as the family decided to send her somewhere else before the Harvest dance.

Some also believe that Mae is pure evil and wanted to bring Suzanne into the cult and sacrifice her to Lucifer. Daria Polatin wrote the book of the same name and was also involved in the series. She told Netflix Tadum that the show is inspired by real-life events. She told Tadum;

the book was inspired by true events from a story that our executive producer, Rachel Miller, heard, which actually took place in Ohio”. She continued “In the series, we get to lean into Suzanne and her backstory. Why does Suzanne take Mae home? Why is she so drawn to her? And why does she go so far to help her?” 

Emily Deschanel said this about the ending of the series:

“I thought it was a surprise, and I love a surprise. It was juicy to play, as an actor. It was a really interesting twist, and I liked that. I thought it also was fascinating for the character of Mae and what she’s doing.

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