Netflix ‘La Favorite’ starring Johnny Depp Release Date, Plot, and Cast.

Johnny Depp is returning to big screens after winning a defamation case against Amber Heard. Depp is set to appear in the french film ‘La Favorite’ based on King Louis XV. The Pirates of the Caribbean actor is returning to the big screens for the first time since 2020. Depp’s latest project was Minamata, a film based on W. Eugene Smith, an American photographer who documented and captured the effects of mercury poisoning in Japan. The actor also criticized Hollywood and his colleagues for shunning and ignoring him after Amber Heard’s abuse allegations. But, it seems like the actor is ready to be back in showbiz after winning the defamation case.

Netflix bought the rights to the movie in France. The movie will be available on Netflix after 15 months of its theatrical release. However, the movie will only be available to stream on Netflix in France. Also, Netflix revealed its plan to invest 40 million dollars in French movies in 2022. Depp’s upcoming movie is part of that deal.

La Favorite is in french and has a french cast and will be filmed in France. However, some people might be wondering how Johnny Depp will manage to speak french in the movie. Depp spent 14 years with his partner Vanessa Paradis, a french actress. During his stay in France, he learned to speak french. Depp and Paradis share two children Lilly rose-Depp, and Jack Depp. The actor can speak french and also spoke French in his cameo in “Happily ever after”.

Netflix 'La Favorite' starring Johnny Depp Release Date, Plot, and Cast.


La Favorite will follow the life events of french monarch Louis XV. The French monarch ruled for 59 years from 1715 to 1774 and his rule led to the french revolution. The monarch was famous for being corrupt. However, According to ScreenDaily, the film will follow the relationship of King Louis XV and his mistress  Jeanne Bécu, also known as Madame du Barry. There is no further information available about the plot of the movie yet. It is also hard to say anything about the tone of the movie as well.


Johnny Depp will play the role of king Louis XV. Maïween Le Besco will play the role of Madame du Barry. Maïween is a french actress and filmmaker. Also, she is well-known for creating movies like All About Actresses, and Polisse. Besco also appeared in 1997’s The fifth element as “The Diva”. Maïween will also direct the upcoming movie. Other cast members include Louis GarrelPierre Richard, and Noemie Lvovsky.

La Favorite Release Date

It is hard to say anything about the release date of La Favorite yet. The production was expected to start in the summer of 2022. The filming of the movie will take place in Versailles, France. The place of Versailles was home to Louis XV’s reign and was built by Louis XIV. Other famous movies like Midnight in Paris and Marie Antoinette were also filmed in Versailles.

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