Netflix Monster Series by Ryan Murphy Renewed For Two More Seasons

Netflix Monster Series by Ryan Murphy Renewed For Two More Seasons

Netflix has decided to renew the anthology Monster Series as it has become the most-watched series on the platform with 900 million view time. However, the series got mixed reviews from the audience and the critics. Also, the victims’ families also came forward and criticized Netflix for “re-traumatizing” them. The series has an 8.0 rating on IMBd and an 84% audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. But, a lot of people still criticized Ryan Muprhy for opening the old wounds of Dahmer’s victims’ families and friends. Errol Lindsey, one of the Dahmer victims, Lindsey’s sister “Rita Isabel” wrote a letter to Insider and told them how she felt watching the recreation of the victim impact statement and also said that Netflix did not contact the family before the making series. However, Murphy revealed that he did contact the families but “they did not respond”.

There were rumors that Lionel Dahmer, Jeffrey Dahmer’s father is also considering suing Netflix for glamourizing his son’s murders. Netflix has not issued any statement about the whole controversy yet.

Netflix Monster Series by Ryan Murphy


The upcoming two seasons will also follow the lives of serial killers and their victims. Netflix has not revealed which serial killers the series will follow in upcoming seasons. However, some fans think that the next season might be about “John Wayne Gacy” another notorious killer who killed 33 young men and boys. Fans started to suspect this after “Gacy” appeared in one of the “Dahmer” series episodes.

Netflix’s head of Global TV Bela Bajaria revealed his thoughts about “Dahmer” and Ryan Murphy’s other project with Netflix “The Watcher”

“Audiences can’t take their eyes off ‘Monster’ and ‘The Watcher’. The creative team of Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan on Monster along with Eric Newman on ‘The Watcher’ are masterful storytellers who captivated audiences all over the world. The back-to-back force of these two series is due to Ryan’s distinct original voice which created cultural sensations and we are thrilled to continue telling stories in the Monster and Watcher universes.”

Netflix also announced another season for “The Watcher” which is also trending in the top 10 on Netflix. Also, the audience is telling Netflix to learn from the criticism of the Dahmer series and focus more on victims’ stories than the killers.

Netflix Monster Series by Ryan Murphy


There is no news about the cast of the upcoming seasons. Dominic Burgess might play Gacy if Netflix decides to do the next season on him.

Monster Series Upcoming Seasons Release Date

There is no news about the release date of the Netflix Monster Series’ upcoming seasons yet. Dahmer-Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer story was announced in 2022 and it took a year to film the series. If Netflix follows the same timeline, we might get the upcoming season next year.

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