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Night Teeth: A New Netflix Thriller Movie Starring Debby Ryan

Night Teeth is a new thriller movie coming to Netflix this year starring former Disney star, Debby Ryan. It is not her first project with Netflix. She also starred in Netflix’s “Insatiable”. The series got mixed reviews from both critics and the audience. The upcoming movie is written by Brent Dillon and directed by Adam Randall. The production company behind the movie is 42, 42 previously worked with Netflix on “In the shadow of the moon”.

The filming of Night Teeth was scheduled to start on February 3rd and run until April 3rd. But it was delayed due to the pandemic. The filming of the movie has been delayed a lot of times. A lot of Netflix projects were affected by the pandemic. But, the filming of the movie is not completed and it is all set to release this year.

Night Teeth Plot

According to the synopsis on Netflix’s the plot is;

A young chauffeur drives two beautiful young women to different parties. They’re not who they claim to be, and he ends up in a fight for his life.

Judging by the name of the movie, we might see some vampires in the movie. But, not much is revealed about the movie yet.


The cast includes Debby Ryan, Lucy Fry, Raul Castillo, Alfie Allen, Alfie Allen is mostly known for his roles in different projects including Game of Thrones, John Wick, This will be the second Netflix original for both Lucy fry and Debby Ryan. Alexander Ludwig, known for his role in Vikings is also in the movie.

Debby Ryan has come far from her Disney days, she has done a lot of major projects after her show, Jessie ended. She described her experience in her interview with Rolling stones;

“The best part in the years since we ended [Jessie] has been being able to walk through a couple doors that have been open, and then bang down some that were closed because people saw me with mouse ears,” Ryan adds. “I got a real fresh start. Being a big deal in one specific world still does give you a bit of anonymity throughout the rest of the industry.”

Netflix Night teeth

Release Date

Night Teeth will release on October 20, 2021, on Netflix. The movie was expected to release by the end of 2020, but due to the pandemic, the filming was delayed multiple times. Now, we are finally getting the movie this October.

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