Netflix And Creators Of Outer Banks Sued Over Stealing Plot

Netflix And Creators Of Outer Banks Sued Over Stealing Plot

Outer Banks is one of the famous shows on Netflix. It has managed to gain the attention of millions of fans. The show was released back in 2020. But, this hit Netflix show is in trouble as it is being sued for copyright infringement. The show is based on the story of four friends and their quest to find the lost “treasure”. However, people are comparing it with Kevin Wooten’s book “Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure.” It is not the first time Netflix is being sued for a show. Earlier this year, “Enola Holmes” was also sued for its controversial plot. There is no official statement by the streaming service yet.

Netflix "Outer Banks" is being sued for its plot.

Pennywise: The Hunt for Blackbeard’s Treasure:

There is no doubt that Kevin Wooten’s book and “Outer Banks”.The book also takes place in North Carolina, Outer banks. The description of the book according to is:

“Benjamin and Nathaniel Pennywise, along with their uncle, Ottaway Burns, discover a clue while diving off the coast of Ocracoke that takes them on an adventure spanning two continents. They must outwit a sinister group of treasure hunters who will stop at nothing to lay hold to the chest so they can use its contents to further their agenda.”

Both the book and the show have the same amount of characters and the plot is similar to the book. Kevin Wooten has to prove that the show creators Josh Pate, Jonas Pate, and Shannon Burke had the access to the book before the creation of the show. According to Kevin, his book was sold and promoted in North Carolina. According to the creators of outer banks, the show’s inspiration was taken from North Carolina as well.

Netflix’s response

Fans are waiting for a statement from Netflix. There is no official statement from the streaming service yet. The case is currently in court and Outer Banks Season 2 is going to release this year.

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