Free Netflix For 48 Hours: StreamFest Event

Free Netflix For 48 Hours: StreamFest Event

The most popular streaming service, Netflix, is known all around the world due to its famous shows, documentaries as well as movies. It has around 195 million memberships in 190 different countries which proves the fact that it is one of the leading streaming services. Some shows are particularly designed for Netflix and the members can watch them without any distractions caused by the commercials and paid advertisements. Previously, users could enjoy the free trials for a month before subscribing to Netflix, which gave them an overview of its services and different shows, however, at the beginning of October 2020, this free-trial option was removed for the users in the USA.

The Next Step

As the users can no longer enjoy the free trial option, Netflix has decided to host a free streaming event, StreamFest, which will stretch to 48 hours. This event will be launched in India and its results will determine whether the free streaming event will launch in other countries or not. Greg Peters, the COO of Netflix, has described this initiative as a way to expose a new audience to Netflix.

According to him, this free weekend trial will allow Netflix to increase its target audience as Indians would now be a part of it more than they previously were. Introducing a service to a new set of users has to be free of cost initially as it allows the brand to attract the masses, therefore, this is a smart move by Netflix. The COO of Netflix is also optimistic about the fact that this Streamfest event will lead to numerous paid subscriptions in the future. According to the marketing department of Netflix, this is a promotional strategy to provide new users as startling Netflix experience. Earlier, the paywall was detached from different movies on Netflix as a promotional strategy.

Netflix StreamFest Event Release Date

This event is a strategy that will benefit both, Netflix and the users, as it will reveal some amazing stories for the users and a wide range of new customers will be a part of Netflix too. So, it is a win-win option for both sides. The StreamFest Event will launch in India on 4th December 2020 and its success will further decide whether other countries will be targeted or not.

We are quite sure that Indians must be excessively thrilled to enjoy this free streaming event and the weekend of 4th December will be remembered all over India as the users will be completely glued to their screens.

Masab Farooque
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