The Kissing Booth 3

Netflix The Kissing Booth 3 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

The Kissing Booth 3 is all set to release this year. The second movie of the franchise received a lot of positive comments as compared to the first movie. The new character “Marco” also introduced in the second movie. However, fans were shocked to know about the third movie. The third installment of the movie is going to be the last kissing booth movie.

Netflix announcedThe Kissing Booth 3 after the release of the second one in July 2020. Netflix revealed that the movie has been filmed “back-to-back with the sequel”.

Joey King was excited to return for the kissing booth sequel. Joey King and Jacob Elordi dated for a while after the first movie released in 2018. After their break-up, things became complicated between Jacob and Joey. But, it still did not stop Joey King to return for the sequel.

The movie is often criticized for being “cheesy”. Joey King was nominated for Emmy’s for her role in the series “The Act”. She expressed how she felt coming back for the sequel after her serious role in “The Act”.

She said this during the interview:

“Honestly, I feel very grateful that I got to do something as fun and lighthearted as The Kissing Booth and go on to something as heavy and dramatic as The Act,” Joey tells Teen Vogue, “and then get the choice to go back to do something like The Kissing Booth and basically thank the genre that changed my life.”

The Kissing Booth 3


We saw in the last time movie that Elle got accepted in both Harvard and Berkely. Noah is already studying at Harvard and Elle applied to Harvard to be with her long-distance boyfriend. But, she already made a promise to her best friend “Lee” that she will go to Berkely with him. The movie ended on a cliffhanger as she got accepted in both Harvard and Berkeley. She will have to choose between her boyfriend and best friend.

Things will become complicated again bettwen Elle and the Flynn brothers.


Joey King, Jacob Elordi, Joel Courtney, and Taylor Zakhar Perez are going to return for the third movie. All of the cast members shared the news about the third movie on their social media accounts. Joey king cherishes are friendship with Joel Courtney and she even expressed during an interview that she laughs a lot on the set with her best friend in real life “Joel”.

“It was the greatest reunion for me and Joel,” Joey says of returning to film the sequel in South Africa. “We are so close and every day spent on set with Joel was a good day. He’s the funniest person ever. All we do is laugh and laugh and laugh when we’re together.”

The Kissing Booth 3 Release Date

Netflix has announced the release date of the third installment of the movie. The Kissing Booth 3 is going to release on August 11, 2021.

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