The Mess You Leave Behind: Arón Piper's New Netflix Series

The Mess You Leave Behind: Arón Piper’s New Netflix Series

The Mess You Leave Behind is an upcoming Spanish thrilling series. It has all the famous Spanish actors. Carlos Montero is known for writing the second season of the show and is all set to write the third season as well. Carlos Montero is the director of the show. The show has Aron Piper, who played the role of Ander Muñoz in Elite. A lot of Spanish shows are taking over Netflix. Money Heist and Elite are some examples of famous Spanish shows. Netflix has a lot of new Spanish releases for 2021 as well.

However, fans have high expectations from the upcoming series. Carlos Montero is well known for writing Elite season 2. But, he switched his role for the upcoming show. He did an incredible job in writing season 2 of the show, that is why his fans are excited about the upcoming project.

Carlos Montero on the upcoming show:

The show is based on a book, but the book is not available in English. The book is quite famous in Spain, so Spanish fans are excited about this new project. “El desorden que dejas” is written by Carlos Montero himself. He said this about his book in an interview with Variety:

 I would almost say it’s the reverse of “Elite.” Here we are in a school again but focus on the adult world. I think it’s a less talked about topic, students’ harassment of teachers. We are always dealing with bullying between students, and yet many teachers can tell you about when they feeling attacked by students and being afraid of even going to class. That is terrifying when someone tells it in the first person. So, I wanted to talk about that, the arrival of a young teacher in a place where she is received with hostility, without knowing why. That leads her to investigate what is happening.

The Mess You Leave Behind: Arón Piper's New Netflix Series

The Mess You Leave Behind Plot

The show is based on the story of Raquel. She comes back to her home town as she tries to save her marriage. She takes the job of a substitute teacher in a local school. But, she soon realizes that the teacher before her attempted suicide. She becomes obsessed with her story and tries to solve the mystery of her murder. She will find herself in a mess and will try to figure out what happened to the teacher before her.

According to the book, the teacher before Raquel, Elvira was harassed by the students of the school. Some fans are comparing it with “13 reasons why” but with a “teacher instead of a “student”.


The show has well-known Spanish names in the show, Inma Cuesta plays the lead role, Raquel, in the show. She is famous for movies and shows like “The Bide”, “Live twice and love once.”, Aron Piper is playing as Lago, Aron is known for appearing in” Elite”. Roberto Enríquez and Barbara Lennie are also part of the show as well.

The Mess You Leave Behind Release Date

The show is all set to be released on the 11th of December. All eight episodes will be released together. The release date of the show was delayed before due to the pandemic, but now it will be released finally this month.

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