Netflix The Princess Switch 4 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Netflix The Princess Switch 4 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Netflix’s The princess switch got positive reviews from the audience. Fans are wondering is there going to be a fourth movie? Netflix is introducing a lot of new movies and shows for their Christmas and holiday season line-up. New Christmas movies and shows will release on Netflix this month. However, fans were expecting an announcement for the princess switch 4. But, there is no official statement from the streaming platform that suggests there will be a fourth movie.

Netflix announced the third movie way before the release of the second movie. Netflix released all the Princess switch movies in November. So, if there is a The Princess Switch 4, it should have been released by now.

The Princess Switch 4 Plot

The Princess Switch: Romancing star 3 had three Vanessa Hudgens doppelgangers. The movie was filled with romance and also had a Christmas heist. The movie was based on Margaret, Stacy, and their third doppelganger, Fiona. Vanessa Hudgens revealed in an interview with that it was “Magical” to play three different characters at the same time.

I don’t know how that man does it. I mean like obviously a massive inspiration for this, but it’s just, it’s crazy. It takes so much longer than you expect to do it. But it’s really cool because with the technology nowadays, I could literally film Fiona’s part and then go and change and then film Margaret’s part, and then they can put it together right there on the spot. So it was just magic happening left and right.

Netflix The Princess Switch 4 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Vaness Hegen’s third doppelganger Fiona was a villain in the movie and they had to battle her in order to save a priceless Christmas heirloom.

However, fans expect to see 4 Vanessa Hudgens in the upcoming movie. But, it might get confusing to introduce 4 characters at the same time. Fans also expect to see Margaret and Kevin’s wedding.


If Netflix decides to create then the fourth movie then Vanessa Hudgens will appear in the movie to play her multiple roles. Sam Palladio will return as Edward Wyndham and Nick Sagar will return as Kevin Richards

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