Netflix Winx Club Live-Action Remake

Netflix Winx Club Live-Action Remake

Winx Club, the famous Italian animated series is getting a live-action remake on Netflix. The series is all set to release next year in January. Abigail Cowen, mostly known for her work in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, is going to play the role of Bloom. Brian Young is known for creating the show like The Vampire Diaries. Brian Young is going to produce the series. Brain Young is known for creating teen Vampire fantasy into a reality. The Vampire Diaries continued for eight years successfully. However, that is why Netflix chose Brain Young for the show. Brian Young said this about the upcoming project in an interview:

“Tone. It’s trying to figure out how we ground this show in real character moments, things that any audience member would relate to. And this is coming from a massive fantasy fan – I had my Dungeons & Dragons character when I was a kid – but it is very easy to spiral off into absurdity with stuff like this.”

It is a great challenge to bring this kind of idea to the screens. But, it seems like they have figured it out and by the look of the trailer, the series looks great. However, it seems like fans are also excited about the new series as well.

Netflix Winx Club Live-Action Remake

Netflix Winx Club Live-Action Plot

The story revolves around a 16 years old fairy named “Bloom” she thinks she is normal, but she soon discovers she has magical abilities. She enrolls herself into Alfea college for fairies. She becomes friends with a girl named Stella and meets her new roommates Flora, Musa, and Tecna. However, they form a group to fight evil villains with their powers. The show is going to follow the same plot as the cartoons as well. The show is a little bit darker as compared to the animated series.


Abigail Cowen is going to play the role of bloom. Abigail had no faith that she would get the role of Bloom. She was quite nervous about her audition as well. She said this with her interview with “The Guardian”;

“I was like: ‘Oh my gosh, they think I’m some crazy person!’ I just sat in the waiting room with my giant suitcase and everyone was staring, I walked out convinced I’d never be invited back.” As it turns out, that adorably awkward entrance was exactly right for fish-out-of-water Bloom, who trips over a few suitcases of her own in the pilot.

Elisha Applebaum , Danny Griffin , Jacob Dudman , Eliot Salt, Sadie Soverall , Precious Mustapha and many others are included in the project as well.

Netflix Winx Club Live-Action Trailer

The trailer of the show has been released on YouTube as well.

Release date

The show is all set to release on January 22, 2021 on Netflix.

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