Netflix Things Heard and Seen: Natalie Dryer and Amanda Seyfried.

Netflix Things Heard and Seen: Natalie Dryer and Amanda Seyfried.

Netflix is planning to release a lot of stuff in 2021. The streaming platform has a lot of horror and thrilling projects. They are going to release these projects this year.”Things Heard And Seen” is going to release in April. The movie has “Amanda Seyfried” as the lead character. The movie is based on the book by Elizabeth Brundage “All things cease to appear” by Elizabeth Brundage.

Netflix has become the biggest streaming service for movies and series. Netflix’s newest project is getting a lot of love from the viewers and the critics as well. The demand for more projects similar to “Haunting of Hill House”, “Behind Her Eyes” is increasing. The new movie is of the same genre.

The book is quite famous. Even Stephen King praised the book in his tweet. The fans of the book are excited about the upcoming movie. Shari Springer called the movie “Supernatural Thriller” with a Gothic quality. Springer Berman called the movie filled with ghosts, murder, and emotional drama.


A couple moves from their busy life in New York to Hudson Vally. The new house has a dark history. Soon their life starts to become complicated. However, their relationship also takes a dark path as well. The movie is going to be filled with thrill. According to Netflix the official synopsis,

“An artist relocates to the Hudson Valley and begins to suspect that her marriage has a sinister darkness, one that rivals her new home’s history.”

But, they also have altered the movie a little. The film set in the 1980s but the book is based on 1979-1980. The book had three brothers but they altered it for the movie. But, the movie changed it to two brothers.


Natalie Dryer is known for her role in Stranger Things. Karen Allen, Rhea Seehorn, James Norton, F. Murray Abraham and, Jack Gore are going to be part of the upcoming movie.

Things Heard And Seen Release Date

Things Heard And Seen is going to release on 30th April. The filming of the movie

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