Netflix Through My Window 2 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Netflix Through My Window 2 Release Date, Plot, and Cast

Netflix is looking to release more teen-romantic movies after To All the Boys I Have Left Before and Kissing Booth. Through My Window is a Spanish-language romantic movie based on the book by Ariana Godoy. She is one of the most popular writers on Wattpad. She rose to fame through the platform in 2014. The movie was trending in the Top 10 in many countries. Netflix has decided to release sequels of the movie after the success of the first one.

When will Through My Window 2 release?

There is no news about the release date of Through My Window 2 yet. Netflix announced the news through a tweet. Netflix is working on two Through My Window movies. The streaming giant tweeted this on their official Twitter.

The original movie was released on 4 February near Valentine. So, the sequels might follow this timeline. We might get the sequel in February 2023.

Netflix Through My Window 2 Release date, Plot, and Cast


The movie ends with Ares and Raquel breaking up so Ares can study medicine and Raquel can study literature. However, they do keep in contact with each other through texts, and Ares is also seen climbing through Raquel’s window. It means that their story is not finished yet. Ariana Godoy is working on another book. She will write the storyline for the next two movies as well.

The second book is not released yet so there is no information about what will happen in the second movie. A través de mi Ventana 2 will be available for pre-order on May 24.

There is also a third book available on Wattpad that is based on Ares’s younger brother “Apollo”. There might be new characters in the next movie to create more drama in the sequel.


All the previous cast members will return in the Through My Window 2. Julio Pena and Clara Galle will play the lead roles in the next movie. However, both of them gained thousands of followers on their social media accounts.

The book is popular among teenagers and the actors quickly gained fame after the release of the movie. Julio and Clara shared their thoughts about “fame” in an interview;

Obviously, it is something of a magnitude that we cannot imagine and that is beyond us, but I think that we go with a positive mind, in the sense that we are going to maintain what makes us happy and what we are in essence, we are going to fight for always keep that.

However, other characters Daniela, Yoshi, Apollo, and Artemis will also return for the sequel.

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