Everything about Elon Musk's Brain-Hacking Neuralink Device

Everything about Elon Musk’s Brain-Hacking Neuralink Device

The famous engineer, industrial designer, technology entrepreneur, and actor Elon Musk is well-known amongst his fans for his impressive acting skills as these skills make it impossible for the fans to move away from the screens, even for a second but how many of us are actually aware of his entrepreneurial side? He is currently the CEO of SpaceX. Also, he is famous for starting Tesla Motors and he is the co-founder of Paypal. Well, let us look at one of his most remarkable and notable inventions which is his Neuralink Device.

Neuralink is a device that is trying to destroy the gap between the computer and the human brain. Initiated in 2016, it is an attention-grabbing biotech venture due to its unique idea. According to him, it is somewhat similar to a Fitbit that is placed in a human skull with thin wires. Now you must have gotten a slight idea of what this device actually is. Musk gave a presentation which made it easier for the world to understand his new idea. He stated that this device can be placed in a person’s skull and can read the human mind accurately. This left the listeners shocked as we have heard about such devices in movies only. To grab the audience’s attention, he used a Hollywood Trailer and three pigs rather than experimental data. This paved a way for the question-answer session as the audience’s minds were puzzled now.

Brain-Hacking Neuralink Device

The Trio Experiment

He began his experiment by stating that one of the pigs had no Neuralink Device, one had a removed device and the third one still had the device implanted in her skull. The third pig, Gertrude, had the device connected to her snout which made her brain signals appear on the screen. The device was able to beep whenever she touched any nearby object through her snout. He explained that the information from the neurons is used to foresee the locate the joints position.

Human Brain and Neuralink Device

Earlier, scientists could locate the parts of the brain that used to light up when a person was doing a certain action, however, the Neuralink device aims to read those signals which can pave the way for understanding them. Neuralink has a 4mm-square chip that is placed in the skull and the delicate wires connect it to the brain. This helps to maintain the link between neurons and the sent messages.

The battery device can be worn on the user’s ear. Initially, users would have to undergo surgery for its implantation but later on, it can be implanted by minor incisions. The main benefit of this phenomenal device is that it can be used to treat brain-related diseases or neurological disorders such as Epilepsy, Quadriplegia, and Parkinson’s disease, which are currently very hard to treat. This new venture still needs to be approved by FDA but Elon claims that it is not riskier than laser surgeries.

Brain-Hacking Neuralink Device

Release Date

While some people are impatiently waiting for its release, Musk states that it might release in 2020, however, an official date is yet to be announced. It is planned that it will be used to treat quadriplegic patients initially. The founders are hopeful that it will later help them to increase the use of Artificial Intelligence in today’s world.

After getting to know all the stunning details, we can’t wait to see the first human implant. Families with quadriplegic patients are hopeful that this device will help them to get their loved ones treated, whereas the rest of the people are also impatiently waiting for this miraculous device and its impact on mankind.

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