PUBG MOBILE SEASON 13 Update 0.18.0

Cheer Park, Guncrafting, Dual Scopes, Golden Mirado, New SMG P90 coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13

PUBG Mobile Season 13 is releasing along with Update 0.18.0 on 13th May 2020. Many amazing new features are announced in the latest update of PUBG Mobile. Just like every season, the game will be changed and new features will be added in the game. Miramar now has a racing track. The roads and houses of Miramar are now re-designed. Vending Machines will be available in Miramar map too now. A new car is also introduced in this map “Golden Mirado”, with which you can race on the new racing track. The new Sandstorm effect is also coming in the latest update.

Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile Season 13

A new and major feature that this update is bringing is “Canted Sight” in the PUBG Mobile. It allows you to attach two scopes on a single gun. This feature is already available in PUBG Lite. It was introduced there last year, took them long enough to release it in PUBG Mobile. Canted Sight works as a secondary scope, red-dot with a 4x,6x scope. This feature will help a lot during battle.

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Canted Sight in PUBG Mobile Season 13

Cheer Park

A new area is introduced in the PUBG Mobile Update, it’s basically a training area where 20 players can practice their shooting skills. Also, they can team up and play Duel and Hunt in real-time. Their display names will also be visible during this. You can also fly/jump into classic mode from Cheer Park.

Golden Mirado in PUBG Mobile Season 13

A new beautiful car is also coming to PUBG Mobile Season 13. Golden Mirado will be available in Miramar and has a top speed of 150 km/h.

New SMG P90

The new update is introducing a new SEMI MACHINE GUN, P90, well it’s not new if you have been playing other fps games like CSGO. P90 will be much better than UZI and UMP. However, it will only be available in Arena Mode. That means you won’t find it in Classic Mode or any other Mode.

PUBG Mobile Season 13 theme is Toy Playground, there are many other features they are going to introduce, we are going to reveal them too. We are also going to a give-away of Royale Pass Season 13.

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