New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Highlights

New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Highlights

Hogwarts Legacy is an upcoming open-world action role-playing game set in the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Developed by Avalanche Software and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, the game allows players to experience life as a Hogwarts student in the 1800s, long before the events of the Harry Potter books and films.

One of the most exciting aspects of Hogwarts Legacy is the ability to create and customize your own character. Players can choose their character’s gender, appearance, and even their Hogwarts house. As a student at Hogwarts, players will attend classes, learn spells, and compete in challenges to earn points for their house.

Hogwarts Legacy is Delayed on PS4 and Xbox One.

Fortunately, we have some Hogwarts Legacy gameplay highlights for you to take a look at. Here, you will find out about Killing Curse, Talents, and the Combat System.

New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Highlights

Combat system

During a recent video showcase, developer Avalanche Software revealed new gameplay features for their upcoming fantasy RPG, Hogwarts Legacy. In this 45-minute showcase, developers showed off various aspects of the combat system, as well as the game’s open world.

Avalanche Software also demonstrated the character creator, which allows players to customize their avatars. This feature lets users adjust their facial structure, as well as change the color of their skin. They can also choose their own gender and name.

The second showcase featured the Dark Arts cosmetic pack, which is exclusive to the Dark Arts Battle Arena in-game item. The third video showcased the common room, as well as a few other locations throughout the open world. The fourth showcase highlighted the Room of Requirement.

New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Highlights


Several months ago, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has shown the first look at the new ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ gameplay. This game, which will be available on PC, Xbox One, and PS5, takes place in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It’s a roleplaying game (RPG) that will allow players to customize their character’s magical abilities and gear. It will also let them explore the world of Hogwarts and tame magical creatures.

Avalanche Software developed the game. It’s set in the late 1800s and will take place before Hermione, Ron, or Harry attends Hogwarts. In addition to exploring the magical world, players will level up and learn how to upgrade their magical abilities and spells.

New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay Highlights

Character creator

During a recent Livestream, Avalanche Software announced that they would be revealing a character creator in New Hogwarts Legacy Gameplay highlights. This feature will allow players to customize their Harry Potter avatar. It will include a number of customization options, including skin tone and hair color.

The showcase also featured a brief combat demonstration. The combat system in Hogwarts Legacy is based on a combination of magic spells, and the ability to chain spells in order to deal massive damage to enemies. The combat also included hexes, evading hexes, and exploiting the weaknesses of the enemy.

Room of Requirement

During the Hogwarts Legacy gameplay showcase, the Room of Requirement was shown off. This space will allow players to customize their environment and equip them with magical items. In addition, it will provide the player with a central base for their journey.

The Room of Requirement is located inside the famed castle of Hogwarts. It is the place where players can brew potions, craft magical items, and raise magical beasts. The Room is also a location that will allow players to personalize their gear, including brooms and decorations.

The House-elf named Deek will be present in the Room of Requirement. Deek will be your guide as you explore and understand the Room’s functions. In addition, Deek will help you manage the Vivarium, which is the area where magical creatures stay.

Hogsmeade during winter

During the winter, Hogsmeade seems to be permanently affixed above the snow line. But that doesn’t mean you can’t visit. You can use your broom to fly around and participate in quest opportunities.

But in order to get there, you’ll need to unlock a special quest. It’s an exclusive PlayStation quest that will grant you access to a mysterious shop in Hogsmeade. The shop, run by Madam Mason, is full of sinister secrets. If you’re brave enough to explore, you’ll find yourself in an additional dungeon.

You’ll also be able to customize your gear and add magical properties. You can do so by visiting Tomes and Scrolls in Hogsmeade.

Killing Curse

During the recent PlayStation State of Play presentation, developers for Hogwarts Legacy showed off the game’s Killing Curse. This spell was given massive weight in the Harry Potter novels, and it appears to be usable in the game.

The killing curse is a major plot point of the books and movies, and it is also a powerful spell. It is used by a number of characters in the series, including Voldemort. However, it’s not known if this is a free instant kill spell.

The trailer also teased the presence of dark and sinister elements in the game. This includes magical beasts known as Thestrals.

Hogwarts Legacy trailer

Earlier this week, Avalanche Software released a new trailer for its upcoming video game, Hogwarts Legacy. This open-world action role-playing game is set in the Harry Potter universe and takes place at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

The game’s gameplay trailer explores the dangers of dark magic. Students can explore secret passageways and solve puzzles while facing a variety of curses that have been placed on the Hogwarts campus. It also reveals a new side quest that can be taken on by the player. This optional companion questline involves working with Slytherin student Sebastian Sallow.

Pre-order details

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ is an open-world action role-playing game set in the magical Wizarding World. It is developed by Avalanche Software, best known for the Disney Infinity series. It is scheduled for release in 2023 on PS5, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The game will have a single-player mode and is a new entry in the Harry Potter franchise. It will allow players to create their own wizard or witch, and then use their own talents to advance in the game. They will be able to earn experience points, complete missions, and attend classes. They will also have the option to become a member of a House and battle Dark Wizards.

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