New World Stuck at Loading Screen, Startup Logo

New World Stuck at Loading Screen, Startup Logo [100% Working]

New World, the highly anticipated open-world MMO game, has taken the gaming world by storm with its stunning visuals and captivating gameplay. However, as much as players are eager to embark on their virtual adventures in the mystical land of Aeternum, some have encountered frustrating issues, including getting stuck at the loading screen or startup logo. In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of New World, its exciting features, and provide solutions to tackle those unexpected hiccups that may hinder your journey in this immersive game.

New World Stuck at Loading Screen, Startup Logo

What is the Reason for New World Stuck At Loading Screen?

This was a known issue for a while and players even reported it to the devs. The reason the New World is Stuck at the Loading Screen with the Logo not proceeding onward with the game is caused by the overload.

New World isn’t a game that is known to be very demanding of specs, but while loading the game, it requires a lot of system power. Thus, you will be stuck at loading for a long duration, if you don’t have resources available to run the game smoothly.

Following are the methods to Fix New World Stuck at Loading Screen or Startup Logo.

Delete user-preload-settings.cfg

Head to the game location “AppData\Roaming\AGS\New World” and there, you will find a file named “user-preload-settings.cfg”. Delete this file or cut and paste it somewhere safe.

Change Resolution

The game demands a lot of resources from your system to proceed through the loading screen or startup logo. Before you log in character or leave dungeons, you need to set the resolution to something lower like 1024×768.

It should be done before loading, and after the loading is done, you can change it back to the default resolution you were playing at.

Close all tasks from the Task Manager

Another way to Fix New World Stuck at Loading Screen, Startup Logo would be to open the Task Manager by right-clicking on the bottom Task Bar. Then, you can go to processes, and end all the resource-draining tasks running.

Also, you can go to the Startup Tab, and from there disable anything that should not automatically open after you restart your system.

When you close the extra Tasks Running, you clear out the resources, and that will help Load the game faster.


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