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No Time To Die (2020) New James Bond Movie

Crush David played the role of James Bond in five installments. His remarkable skills have kept the audience’s attention for a while now. However, it’s 25th installment for James Bond now. A lot of people are feeling that the next James bond should be a woman. It does make a lot of sense as for more than a decade the iconic role is being played by the males. Now it’s time that aa woman should be 007 for a while. A lot of actors have come forward with their thoughts on this. Actor Cillian Murphy who is famous for playing Thomas Shelby in the hit British series Peaky Blinders thinks the same. Cillian openly suggested when he was asked during an interview that wold he loves to play the character. But, it is time for a female James Bond.

Craig David’s last James Bond movie:

James Bond is one of the biggest and oldest movies franchise. Even though the competition is quite tough as many other betters and stronger franchises like Mission Impossible and even Jason Bourne are in the market.

However, they have to upgrade their game. But Craig David recently decided to leave the installment. He wants to relax for a while and wants to take a break. It is clearly evident that he is quite stressed and wants to relax and we do not blame him.

Appeared on “The Late Show With Stephen Colbert” Friday and the host asked him point-blank if he had any plans to reprise the “Bond” role in a future movie or project.

“When you’re done with Bond, are you done with Bond?” Colbert asked.

He replied with Yes


James bond is going to be on vacation with Mrs. Swann and like in Jason Bourne’s supremacy, he encountered trouble on his vacation when his old friend appeared with the kidnapping case of a scientist. The plot becomes complicated when the villain is fully packed with new technology weapons causing a threat to civilization.

The cast of James Bond

Rami Malek is going to play the role of a villain in the new movie. Rami is mostly known for playing the role of Mr. Robot. We are also going to see Lashana Lynch. people are supposing that Lashana Lynch is going to be the next 007. However, it will make sense.

Release Date

The movie is going to be released first in UK April 3, and then it is going to be released in the USA on April 8, 2020. Only a few months are left for the movie to be released. We are truly excited about the last installment of Craig David.

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