Is Kim Jong Un Dead or Alive?

[Rumors] North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un died after undergoing a heart surgery

There are a lot of rumors going on the Social Media that North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un, has died after undergoing heart surgery. On twitter, #KIMJONGUNDEAD is currently on-trend in every country. China has sent a medical team to North Korea to check on King Jong Un’s health.

Hong Kong Satellite Television reported yesterday that “he is dead”. Medical team also claimed that King Jong Un is dead.

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Is North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un Really Dead?

At this time, we can’t anything for sure, since there is no Authentic Source. However, NYPost said

a Beijing-backed broadcast network in Hong Kong claimed that Kim was dead, citing a “very solid source.”


A Japanese magazine said

North Korea’s rocket man is in a “vegetative state” after he underwent heart surgery earlier this month.


An anonymous source claims that the Surgeon’s hands were shaking when he was inserting a stent.

[Rumors] North Korea Leader Kim Jong Un died after undergoing a heart surgery

Reaction of people

After hearing about his death, people started to make memes and uploading them on Twitter.

However, nobody is sure about his death yet. The North Korean government has yet to make a comment on it. Also, media is not reporting anything either.

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