One Piece: Shanks Vs Mihawk - Who is stronger?

One Piece: Shanks Vs Mihawk – Who is stronger?

One Piece fans are always in a never-ending debate about who is stronger, Shanks or Mihawk. Both are pretty well-hidden characters and are shadowed to be one of the strongest in the series. But, as we are reaching the next arc “Eddhead Island”, Shanks is slowly being showcased in the series, and Mihawk is still a mystery on his own, here in our Shanks Vs Mihawk, where we will put together clues and hints in the series and decide on the facts about who is stronger between Shanks and Mihawk.

It is much easier to decide who is stronger if we can separate the feats and match them with one another. So, we will first discuss the feats of Red Haired Shanks and the World’s Strongest Swordsman Mihawk in One Piece.

Shanks Is A Swordsman

12 years ago, Shanks lost his arm saving Luffy from the sea monsters. Before that, Shanks and Mihawk were considered rivals, both being “Master Swordsmen”. After he lost one of his arms, Mihawk found Shanks to be inferior to his skills in Swords Fight.

On top of that, Eicchiro Oda, the writer of One Piece, himself described Shanks as a Swordmaster, which is mentioned in the databook as well. So, we need to just make this clear that Shanks is still a swordsman.

Shanks is a Swordsman in One Piece, and one of the strongest using his sword Gryphon.

Also, through the series on various occasions, we got to witness the haki of Shanks in One Piece. That makes him an advanced Haki user in the series, proficient in using his sword Gryphon as the primary weapon in combat.

Shanks used swords on nearly all occasions including blocking Akainu’s attack, beating Kid with his sword and haki, concussing Admiral Green Bull, clashing with Whitebeard, and so on.

So, Red Haired Shanks doesn’t use fists or kicks around. He uses his sword Gryphon to slash, inflict damage, and even defend.

Feats of Shanks in One Piece

  • He is a user of advanced conquers haki, which he used against Kid, and later on in the series, against Admiral Green Bull.
  • He used his haki to make the admiral green bull (Ryokugyu) run away from the island just from his Color of Supreme King haki.
  • He had a direct clash with White Beard, the strongest man on the planet. We can agree that White Beard wasn’t in his prime, but he was in a better health situation in contrast to when he was fighting in Marine Ford.
  • At the end of Marine Ford, Shanks comes to save the day, by stopping a magma punch from Akainu with his sword.
  • Before that, he went to Kaido and stopped his from intervening at Marine Ford as well.
Shanks a Swordsman in One Piece fighting with his sword Gryphon

So, the feats aren’t that much in the whole series, but when we hear about them, they are pretty heavy on their own. This makes Shanks, one of the strongest in the series, and still a Swordsman.

Feats of Mihawk in One Piece

We know much less about Mihawk, even in contrast to Red Haired Shanks. We are nearly on 1100 chapters of One Piece Manga, and still, there isn’t anything known about Mihawk besides the fact that he is “The World’s Strongest Swordsman”. That alone is enough to decide who is stronger, Shanks or Mihawk.

  • First of all, Mihawk is the World’s Strongest Swordsman. This means that whoever is considered a Swordsman, is automatically weaker than Mihawk.
  • In chapter 1058, we got the Mihawk’s bounty revealed, which is 3.59 billion berries. This not only exceeds Buggy, who is titled “Yonko”, but also exceeds one of the strongest Yonko’s in the series “Red Hair Shanks”.
  • Mihawk travels alone in his ship, without any army, or crew members.
  • He also took the whole Navy on himself, without thinking of consequences, or even potential defeat.
Mihawk and Shanks both are Swordsman and Shanks is the world's strongest swordsman

One Piece Shanks Vs Mihawk – Who is Stronger?

With all the facts and checks on the side, we are on the conclusive part of Shanks Vs Mihawk. “Shanks is a Swordsman”, and “Mihawk is the strongest Swordsman”. This alone makes it clear that Mihawk is stronger than Shanks.

As a plus point, the Navy has a higher bounty on the head of a single person with no crew and pirate army, meaning Mihawk. They consider him more of a threat than Shanks with one of the strongest crew members in the series.

Shanks Bounty Revealed to be more than Red Haired Shanks and also Buggy, both are Yonko.

One notable feat to mention is that Mihawk got bored of fighting an inferior swordsman in the series, so he just travels for some fun time, and to find someone as strong as him. Thus, he is looking for strong rivals, even stronger than Red Haired Shanks.

Mihawk is still a shadow figure in the series, as we haven’t seen him use much of his power, or be in a situation, where he finds himself worrying about others.

Shanks Vs Mihawk results in Mihawk being Stronger Than Red Haired Shanks

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