Outer Banks: Madelyn Cline on Sarah and John B.’s ‘Marriage’ and Season 3

Outer Banks: Madelyn Cline on Sarah and John B.’s ‘Marriage’ and Season 3

Outer Banks is still #1 on Netflix in many countries. Season 2 was released on July 30th and it ended on a huge cliffhanger. Netflix has yet to renew the show for the third season. However, it’s obvious that there will be a third season of Outer Banks. The cast and showrunners are already talking about Season 3.

In Season 2, John B and Sarah reunited with their friends in Charleston after they had a dangerous encounter with Carla. The pogues also jumped from the cargo ship after losing the cross of Santo Domingo to the Cameron family. Sarah was almost killed by her father. However, Rafe promised his father that he will bring Sarah back to win his father’s approval. There was also another big surprise, John B’s father is alive. He promised Carla that he will help her find the healing shroud if she helps his son.

Real-life couple Madelyn Cline (Sarah Cameron) and Chase Stokes (Jhon B) are excited to see what’s next for their characters as they got married in season 2 of Outer Banks. Chase Stokes said:

He’s definitely a little more co-dependent than he likes to give himself credit for. And now Sarah’s a lifeline in his life. And just like any great partner, you want to keep that person around.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Madelyn Cline, who plays the role of Sarah Cameron, talked about whether Jhon B and Sarah are too young to get married. She said, “Love is love, when you know, you know”. Stokes said:

We’ve seen couples who got married at 16 who are now in their 80s and early 90s who are still together and wildly in love. So I don’t think that the age should specifically define it. I think love is something that should move that needle.

Outer Banks Season 3

Back in June 2020, Madelyn and Chase became an official couple. Cline discussed what is going to happen between Sarah and Jhon B in Outer Banks Season 3. She said:

They’re married, but they actually kind of don’t know a whole lot about each other,” she said. “I feel like that would be really fun. They’ve obviously been through a lot together.


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