Outer Banks Season 2 Time Jump and New Cast

Outer Banks Season 2 Time Jump and New Cast

Outer Banks is all set to return to Netflix in 2021. Outer Banks Season 2 was confirmed in August. However, due to the pandemic, the filming of the show was stopped. But, it seems like we might get season 2 of the show in early 2021. Ever since the show has ended, a lot of fans have come forward with their theories and their guesses about the upcoming season. Madelyn Cline, who plays the role of Sarah B on the show recently revealed in an interview about the plot of season 2 and time-jump.

“I want people to watch this without knowing too much,” she said while adding “the mystery gets deeper”.This is a micro time jump,” she told Entertainment Tonight. [There’s] the kind of shock where you turn the page… and you read that moment and you gasp and then your mind starts going a thousand miles a minute. You’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is going to be so fun to shoot… This is gonna be fun and it’s gonna be shocking to watch as well.’”

Outer Banks Season 2 Time Jump and New Cast

A new character

Outer Banks has a cast member as well. Elizabeth Mitchell. She is known for playing Dr. Juliet Burke in the TV show Lost. She used to be a fan favorite and now she is joining outer banks now. Elizabeth is going to play the role of Limbrey. Her character appears to be sweet and cheery but the reality is far from it. However, not much is known yet about her character as well. Elizabeth Mitchell is also known for playing the role of Snow Queen on Once upon a time. She is also known for appearing on Crossing Lines well.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date

It is not confirmed when season 2 of the show will be released. It will release next year, however, nothing is confirmed yet.

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