Outer Banks Season 2, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

Outer Banks Season 2 Renewed By Netflix

Outer Banks was released back in 2020. It was expected to be a small show on Netflix. But things turned out to be good for the show. It is now a favorite of many celebrities as well. It was trending in America and other countries as well on Netflix. There is only one season of the show on Netflix. However, Outer Banks Season 2 is renewed by Netflix

The show is famous for its different plot. It is not a typical teenage show. It had a captivating plot. The show follows the story of two different social groups living in Outer Banks North Carolina. Outer Banks is a real place in North Carolina. A group of teenage hunt for treasure.

The Outer Bank’s cast has millions of followers on their Instagram account now. Because of the popularity of the show, everybody is talking about Madison Bailey and other cast members as well.

Recently, Chase Stokes announced that he is dating, Madelyn who plays Sarah on the show. Fans are more excited about the second season now. But, there are some fans who ship John B with Kiara. There is some possibility that both of them might end up together.

5 season series

However, the show is actually planned to run for 5 series. It seems like we would see a lot of changes in the plot as well.

Josh Pate revealed in his interview:

“Ever since we started, we always viewed it as something that was probably like a four-season, maybe like a five-season show but four seasons.”

Outer banks can turn into a great series with adventure and a great plot. Fans are debating that if series like Riverdale can get 4 seasons then Outer banks deserve the same. However, Outer Banks Season 2 will be released soon as well.

What will be the plot?

We saw in the last episode how John b and Sarah survived the storm and were rescued. But, their friends think that they are dead. They will continue their quest to find the gold in the Bahamas. It was shipped to the Bahamas by Sarah’s father.

There are a lot of questions they need to answer. Jj, pope, and Kiara how will they find out if John B and Sarah are alive? Would John B and Sarah find the gold? However, fans are also excited that with whom Kiara would end up with? Pope or JJ?

But, if they are going to run the show for 5 seasons then who knows Kiara might end up with John B.

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Outer Banks Season 2, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

When is Outer Banks Season 2 Coming out?

But due to the pandemic and lockdown in different states, they had to stop the shooting. There is no news when they will start shooting again. But, the new season of the show is not expected before 2021 or it might take some time. A lot of Netflix Shows are pending.

Many sources online are claiming that the show will be released in 2021.

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However, a lot of movies are set to release in September and August so we might get season 2 earlier.

Outer Banks Season 2, Release Date, Plot, Trailer

The cast of Outer Banks Season 2

Pretty much all of them are returning:

Madelyn cline, Bailey Madison, Chase stokes, Rudy Pankow, and Jonathan Daviss.

Is there a trailer yet?

There is no trailer of the show yet. We can not expect a trailer before 2021. It might take some time to shoot. However, we might get the trailer soon as soon as things are getting better.

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