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Best Overwatch 2 Characters: What Are The Best Characters To Pick?

There are a lot of characters in Overwatch 2 and nearly all are from Overwatch 1. But, one thing that doesn’t remain the same is the meta for a certain character. For that reason, we have here a guide to Best Overwatch 2 Characters as of November 2022.

Time flies fast and it’s been months since Overwatch 2 came out. It is nearly the same game as Overwatch 1 with some graphics changes and a bit of finishing on top. Still, the gaming community and fans of Overwatch couldn’t resist enjoying this amazing game. 

There have been many changes to the internal mechanism of the game itself, mainly in the section of character meta. Some characters are quite too OP as of now, making them beneficial for the rank push. 

If you are also looking for those same OP characters to use and get the best out of them before they start to get nerfed, just follow through with this Best Overwatch 2 Characters guide. 

Best DPS in Overwatch 2 Characters

Best Overwatch 2 Characters#1 Genji

You saw this coming after reading the title of this guide. Genji is no doubt the best character in Overwatch 2. He was also a fan favorite in the first part, but in OW2, Genji got the throne back. 

Overwatch 2 revolves around the play style of Diving in at the right moment and who does it better than Genji? He got it all, ranging from that incredible speed, versatile ranged attacks, wall climbing, and double jump to that sweet ultimate known as nano blade.

Honestly, everyone dreams of becoming a ninja once in their lifetime, and being a cool cyber ninja is definitely butter on top. So, Genji has it all and that makes him the Best Character in Overwatch 2 as of now.

Best Tank in Overwatch 2 Characters

#2 DVA

It mostly depends on the situation what you actually are picking but most of the players agree that DVA is the true MVP here. When we are talking about the Best Overwatch 2 Characters, DVA always comes up top in the discussion.

Being a tank, the best thing about DVA is her dual nature. Yes, she is actually a young gamer girl in her robot, which allows her to basically get out and engage in a fight after the robot gets destroyed. 

Not to forget DVA has some truly powerful and quick weapon attacks that can dominate the field. She is a tank, after all, making it extremely durable as well. You can fly, move around the field freely, use a defense matrix and go crazy with attacks like missiles, fusion cannons, and a lightgun. What more do you want in a tank?

DVA is actually quite versatile and when it comes to the ultimate you have two options here, either call a new Robot or Detonate the one you are already inside, dealing massive damage in the area. 

Best Healer in Overwatch 2 Characters

#3 Kiriko

Kiriko is the new kid in town with her amazing ninja-style healing techniques. Overwatch 2 brought a new character named Kiriko which most of the fans are already known to. It is important to mention that her character design, abilities, trailer, and song are all top-notch. 

In Overwatch 2 if you are not jumpy, moving around, and saving yourself from getting attacked, you are gonna get roasted. Support without having incredible movement and also attacks to defend oneself, along with the ability to defend teammates with heals is worthless. 

So, Overwatch 2 came up with Kiriko who has it all, ranging from incredible attacks to agile movement, wall climbing, and buffs to enhance speed. The theme is all around wolves and using the ability will buff every teammate in that specific area. 

Did I forget to mention that Kiriko’s heals follow the teammates? Well, that is the real beauty of this Overwatch 2 Character, you can attack enemies with quite good damage, while you can throw heals that follow enemies like pages.

Honorable Mentions

The list won’t be complete without mentioning other Overwatch 2 Characters that take the spotlight as well. Honestly, it is hard to mention a single character for a whole genre, because it is situational. 

Still, if you would like to pick someone else you can go for;

  • Sojourn – DPS Character
  • Sombra – DPS Character
  • Zarya – Tank Character
  • Reinhardt – Tank Character
  • Lucio – Healer
  • Ana – Healer

Final Verdict

Well, that is all to our Best Overwatch 2 Characters Guide. Don’t get offended if a certain character wasn’t in the mentions because everyone has their opinion and it should be respected. Still, these are the Characters in Overwatch 2 that you would genuinely love to play in their own role without having to regret it afterward. 

If you loved this Guide, feel free to check out our other Gaming Guides and comment below with your thoughts on the Best Characters to pick in Overwatch 2.

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